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Well, we were right. After the worlds communal Spidey-sense was going through the roof, Marvel did what they’re best at and gave the latest preview a mouth-watering money shot. In this case, they dropped (or should that be swung?) in our first look at our new friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, complete with new threads (and eyes!) and a voice that sounds uncannily like Tom Holland. The House of Ideas sure know how to get our attention.

Let’s not blow our web-shooters completely of course, because as (ahem) spectacular as Spidey’s debut might be, there were some other moments in Trailer 2 for Captain America: Civil War that may have caught your attention as well, that didn’t involve our familiar, yet unfamiliar arachnid. Friends turning foe, Stark spouting one-liners and Steve making what could be his final stand in a battle that could tear the MCU apart from the inside out. Prepare for battle, folks.

Previously in the Marvel Cinematic Universe…

Drawing us in to the third Cap-ter of Steve Rogers’ story, Civil War looks to be focussing a lot on past deeds of our heroes. Who better to play catch up with the Captain and co. than a man who - much like the destruction caused - was thought to be forgotten; General ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross.

Proving that no good deed goes unpunished, Ross drops into the new Avengers base to play catch-up with our heroes. A stern talking to consists of footage from New York, Washington and Sokovia, much to the frustration of Scarlet Witch. This awkward encounter looks to be the match that lights the fighting fuse between Steve and Tony - but is it before or after what appears to be an incident at the U.N. that new cat on the block T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) is privy to? Honestly, these billionaire’s playing bystander looks to be a common occurrence in comic book films.

Man The Raft

As Nicolas Fury said way back when; “you’ve become part of a bigger universe, you just don’t know it yet.” Turns out that bigger universe has a lot more bad guys in it that we thought, but where to keep them? Well, Marvel fans will know that one such underwater prison goes by the name of The Raft and certainly fits the part for this unnamed bit of architecture .

Does this big house in the big blue have a cell with Steve’s name on amongst these super-powered ne’er-do-wells? Even if there are, you’ll be damn sure Cap’s not going to go quietly if there is.

End of the Rhodes?

Near the tale end of Age of Ultron, the battle with Stark’s cybernetic brainchild gave a chance for James Rhodes to get involved and have a new story to tell. This new trailer suggests that he might not be around to anymore for much longer, though.

Seen briefly in the previous trailer, this brand new preview shows a more lengthy look at the War Machine plummeting to the ground, with Tony hurtling after him. Cut together with Bucky firing a shot, we see Rhodey’s suit take a clean hit to the chest, which would suggest to any eye-watering onlooker that Tony’s best bud might not make it to the end of the war. Is this drawing first blood? Is War Machine going to be shut down for good? Is Marvel not happy until we’re biting our fingers to the bone in anticipation?

Probably not, to all the above.

Suffering from poor Vision

Considering the line that’s been drawn in the sand of the MCU, Steve and Stark aren’t the only ones going to be butting heads. One interesting snippet wedged in this here trailer is the thought-to-be toughest contender that came out of Age of Ultron. Born just yesterday, Vision seemed to make short work of anyone he came across, but that didn’t include Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlet Witch.

Known in the Marvel Universe as being a loveable couple in the past, here they’re having a bit of a fallout as the hand-waving heroine brings one of the most powerful beings on the planet to his knees. That would suggest that the Witch is tapping into her formidable power that will put her on the top spot. Bad news for anyone against the Cap - good news for us. Maybe.

Ant-Man Has A Trick Up Stark’s Sleeve

Following the internet’s universal request to see this in Civil War, it appears that Marvel have finally answered our prayers as Ant-Man gets shot via one of Hawkeye’s arrows only to become a bug in Tony’s system. It’s safe to say that even though the Science Bros. are separated, there’s no chance of Scott muscling in whilst Bruce Banner’s off Stan Lee-knows-where.

Taking a step back following his appearance in the first trailer, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) doesn’t even get a glimpse, rather his CGI’d counterpart suited and booted before being shrunk down and flung across the battlefield. Honestly, of all the showdowns that are going to go down in Civil War, I’m looking forward to this guy lightening the mood, besides the other hero named after a member of the insect kingdom. Speaking of…

Codename: Underoos

And here we have the introduction to the world’s most beloved wall-crawler. Is it good? Sure. Could it have been better? Probably. Let’s face it, we asked to see the Spider-Man and we’ve got him. He may not be at the height of his witty, amazing self but the delights are in the detail. That suit looks pretty slick, what with the bands round the arms and knees. It looks in line and equally out of line from what we’ve seen before. The real mould breaking element to it all of course, is the peepers on Peter Parker’s new suit, adjusting to what’s on show and looking good doing it.

Also, web-cuffing Cap? Nice.

Having said that, it may have won a few more fans had that really been Holland in Spidey’s best hero pose, other than a sketchy CGI version. Following the trailers release, James Gunn reiterated that the In The Heart of the Sea star is the best Parker ever, but only time will tell if he’s worthy of the red and blue suit. What’re your thoughts on the matter? Has a wonderful web been woven for the intro to a new Spider-Man, and does the rest of the Civil War have you excited? Sound off in the comments below and pick a side whilst your at it.

Team Cap. Just saying.


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