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If you're reading this, you MIGHT have heard that the second trailer for a little movie called [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) dropped today, and we got our first glimpse at some dude named Spider-Man.

(Guys, seriously, that last part was sarcasm so please don't start bombarding me in the comments with nerd rage.)

And boy, oh boy, have fans been divided on the costume, which many said appeared flat and two-dimensional in the trailer. Though it's worth noting, as my ILM VFX buddy Gordon pointed out to me on Twitter, it was more than likely a case of the video codec killing the details in the trailer rather than it being an issue with the costume itself, because Marvel released a hi-res version shortly thereafter and it looks pretty dope to me:

Regardless, it's a far cry from the Spider-Man costumes we've seen in previous iterations from Sony, first with Tobey Maguire in the initial Spider-Man franchise, then with Andrew Garfield in the Amazing Spider-Man franchise. Tom Holland's costume for Civil War is much, much more retro than we've ever seen before, right down to the black markings. That's right — Spidey's very first costume in the comics was red and black, not red and blue:


The eyes are also much more retro than the large, headlight-like lens versions we've seen in the previous movies, with the black markings around his eyes being thicker and more prominent than the whites of the eyes and the eyes themselves being smaller. Also, they move! If you pay attention in the trailer, you can hear a clicking noise when his eyes narrow, unlike the recent example of Deadpool's animated eyes, which moved without sound. So think less animated, more mechanical. Could it indicate we're getting a retro style but with Stark tech, i.e. the MCU's nod to the Iron Spider suit? I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the suit can do a few more things other than blink. Maybe the Spidey version of Iron Man's Mark HUD? Worth noting is that the eyes appear to be a more updated, polished version of the shuttered lenses that were quietly posted last summer on a possible Russo Bros. Twitter account that Devin Faraci with Birth.Movies.Death. first spotted:

So maybe that will be what Spidey is wearing initially, then Tony Stark takes that concept and gives it an upgrade? Regardless, kudos to BMD for appearing to be correct there.

Tom Holland is by far the most athletic Spider-Man we've ever had. That flip we saw Spider-Man do in the trailer is one that Holland has done multiple times in videos posted to his Instagram account. Spider-Man moves unlike any other character in comic books, and certainly the physics of his movement are different than the rest of the characters in the MCU, who can all be mostly categorized as either fliers, brawlers, or assassins. Scarlet Witch is somewhat in her own category, but her movement is all in her hands and arms, whereas Spidey flips around and moves in ways no one else does. So though the costume appears to be less textured and detailed than in previous versions, the sleekness of his retro suit can lend itself well to the acrobatic Holland (and his stunt doubles).

The color-blocking of the new Spider-Man costume is kind of a middle ground between the Maguire and Garfield versions — the first had more red through the torso, with the blue only cutting around to the front down near his waist, whereas the latter had the blue running the whole way down his ribs and front, bisecting the red. But while Holland's costume has more red in the torso than Garfield's version, there's still a clear blocking of blue (or black?) running down his ribs. Another nod to the retro version of Spider-Man, the red on the torso ends right at his waist, whereas the previous costumes extended it somewhat beyond the hips to give both actors a more elongated appearance.

And remember I said that I suspected the new Spider-Man costume will have some bells and whistles courtesy of Tony Stark that go beyond mere web shooters and moveable eyes? After Garfield's costume did away with the red waistband that Maguire's costume had (though Garfield had one in ASM2), the traditional belt is back for Holland's costume — but if you notice, it's not just a belt in the fabric color alone, but actually appears to be almost a utility belt with ridges that look like they may be pockets or meant to hold something. Or, perhaps...a spot where webbed wings might attach? You can see it in the first image in this article, but check out this screenshot of Spidey in midflight that also shows off the new belt:

Mere textual decoration, or a more functional purpose? I guess we'll find that out once the movie drops, but would any of you really be surprised if Tony Stark had given Spidey's suit a few upgrades based on his unique abilities? He upgraded the suits of the rest of the Avengers; it only stands to reason he'd do the same for Peter Parker. Especially if, as it appears from the trailer, Iron Man is using Spider-Man as his ace up the sleeve, an unknown entity meant to wreak havoc on Captain America's team.

One last retro touch to the costume is the Spider-Man chest logo itself, which is the smallest it's ever been. While I'm not sure I love this, it's absolutely in keeping with the throwback vibe of the suit. Overall, while the new look is one that might take some younger fans time to get used to if they only know Spider-Man through the movies and recent comics, I'm really digging it. The color itself is closer to the brighter blue of Garfield's costume and brighter red of Maguire's costume, which gives him a more youthful look, fitting for the character being a much younger version than any we've seen yet. Since we already know that his standalone franchise will have him in high school and go for a John Hughes vibe, I think the retro look is absolutely fitting for that tone. They're taking Spidey old school, getting back to his roots in order to reboot the character — but this time, they're doing it the right way, starting with the suit.

Captain America: Civil War is in theaters on May 6.


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