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Since Marvel dropped its latest (and best) Captain America: Civil War trailer, the conversation has centered around one very special figure joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Spider-Man.

He appears smack dab at the end, and with this one fleeting moment, we've received a firestorm of questions and expectations pertaining to what his role could entail.

One of the most essential elements of Peter Parker's appearance is his divisive outfit, which has inspired supporters and detractors to create their own civil war online.

However, according to a source at Latino Review, the suit is more than just an aesthetic choice (as expected) and alludes to the side Spider-Man will be taking in the film.

We'll Allegedly See Two Versions Of Spidey's Suit

The source claims that the more mechanized suit with dilating eyes and a sleek design was created by none other than Tony Stark. This doesn't come as the biggest surprise, considering the functionality of Spidey's suit is pretty unexpected — have we ever seen him squint like that before? — and the fact that he's helping out Team Iron Man in the lone clip we see.

Interestingly, the same source informs that when we first meet Peter Parker, he greets Tony Stark in his own homemade costume. That's apparently why Tony refers to Spider-Man as "Underoos" in the trailer, since his first suit resembles pajamas.

Now, just because he's Team Iron Man at some point in the movie, doesn't mean that will last, but he'll definitely walk away from that partnership with one awesome suit.


Do you like Spider-Man's new look?

(Source: Latino Review)


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