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Off the back of its hugely successful trailer release today, Marvel is now sharing new high-resolution images to get everyone excited for Captain America: Civil War.

Although my excitement levels have been tapped out since seeing the trailer this morning (hello, Spider-Man!), these images solidify that Civil War is going to blow us all away. The CGI and special effects aren't totally finished, so I'm convinced it's going to look even more awesome come May 6.

Black Panther

I don't know about you, but I'm so ready to see Chadwick Boseman take on this superhero role. The race is on.

So who do you think is faster?

Iron Man

The Iron Man suit alone is reason enough to be .

Captain America

Then again, I do have a soft spot in my heart for this American hero.

Team Cap

Falcon, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Winter Soldier and Captain America all looking ready for a fight.

Iron Man And War Machine

I wonder what new gadgets their suits will be equipped with this time around.

Scarlet Witch And Cap On The Run

Here we see them on the tarmac of the Flughafen Leipzig/Halle International Airport.

Hold On Tight

That looks like quite the workout.

War Machine

We know War Machine crashes at some point. Do you think James Rhodes will survive Civil War?

Give Him A Hand

I wouldn't want to be on the receiving hand of Iron Man's gauntlet.

Up, Up And Away

I wonder how much of this movie will be airborne.

A Talk Between Friends

If only they could leave this conversation in agreement and the events of Civil War would never have to happen.

The Divide

Black Widow is on team Iron Man and clearly giving Steve Rogers the cold shoulder.

Sokovia Accords

Here's what causes so much of the unrest in Civil War. Much like the Superhuman Registration Act from the comic books, the Sokovia Accords is created to help regulate the actions of superheroes.


Keeping a watchful eye over the city.

Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes looking totally badass.

Tony Stark

I wonder who gave Tony that shiner.

Black Widow

From the blurry image on the side, it looks like she's talking to Cap and looking rather concerned. I hate the idea of these two fighting.

Bucky Barnes

Who needs the power of flight when you have a motorcycle?


He might be stuck in a stairwell, but I don't think these men have anything on Captain America.


Finally, Marvel revealed its first look at the highly anticipated Spider-Man. Tom Holland might be young, but he's already making waves in the MCU after snagging Captain America's shield. Welcome home, Spidey.

Just a couple of months left before we'll finally get to see Civil War. It's time to get your tissues ready, folks, because this one is definitely going to be a tearjerker.

'Captain America: Civil War' will premier on May 6.


Whose team are you on?

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