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Today marked a crucial moment for Marvel Studios as they released the full trailer to their next anticipated blockbuster-Captain America: Civil War. The film will begin Marvel's Phase 3 and pit Captain America ( Chris Evans) against fellow Avenger Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). The trailer is 2 minutes and 25 seconds of pure intensity as every sequence in the preview was dripping with excitement. Yet of all the cool moments in this trailer nothing was a monumental as the preview's conclusion. As the two teams converge on each other, Iron Man reveals his trump card against Captain America; and who should swing in then other than Spider-Man (Tom Holland). That is right moviegoers at long last Marvel Studio have revealed the newest alumni to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As many know Sony and Marvel came to an agreement last year and decided to bring Spider-Man to the MCU; with the character making his debut in Captain America: Civil War and then getting his solo film in the summer of 2017.

Since this confirmation, there has been no sight of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man in any advertisement to the upcoming film. Though it driven fans crazy (this one included), the idea of not featuring Spider-Man in Civil War's marketing was actually a brilliant move on the studios part. Knowing that this reveal would be a major story, it only seemed appropriate for Marvel to hold Spider-Man to the hip until the time was right to showcase the iconic hero. Well with the movie only 2 months away (and a certain superhero blockbuster hitting the silver screen in two weeks) there was indeed no better time to reveal the Web Swinger then in this new trailer. So now that the secret is out what can we make of the MCU's Spider-Man?

To be honest there is not a lot to go on when it comes to Holland' portrayal of the character. In the trailer Spider-Man only has one line; though given the situation, it is a little amusing how nonchalant Spider-Man sounds in the preview. So given these circumstances it would be unfair to gauge Tom Holland's performance by simply looking at this trailer. However there are other factors that we can take away from Spidey's appearance in this preview. While the moment is brief, we get to see a little of Spider-Man's maneuverability in the trailer and it does feels like moves that are expected from the Wall Crawler. Yet if there is one element that can be analyze about Spider-Man in Civil War, it would be the Spider Suit.

Since his first cinematic appearance in 2002, Spider-Man has had 3 cinematic attires; and despite the differences in each suit, all of them have kept to the fundamental concepts behind the classic costume. The MCU's take on the Spider Suit is no exception to this idea. The the red and blue in the costume are quite colorful while the web linings, though thin, grasp the crucial design in the Spider Suit. There are some differences in this new suit and these changes range from good to questionable. The biggest abstract I find in this Spider Suit are the black lines on Spider-Man's arms and legs (though they could be dark blue). The lines help to bring out the red in Spider-Man's outfit, but they are be a little distracting and I cannot help but wonder why the designers decided to go in this direction. However the change that I do like in this outfit are the eyes. The eyes in Spider-Man's mask change sizes as they can apparently go from wide to narrow. I like this idea in the suit as it captures two different styles that have been used in previous masks for Spider-Man. While I like to see this outfit from a different perspective, I can say that the new spider suit is impressive as it has a look that is both classic and new.

It is safe to say that the reveal of Spider-Man was quite effective. While factors such as Holland's performance are still to be determined, the appearance of the Wall Crawler certainly made impression that dwarfed the other great moments in Civil War's trailer. In two months time we will know what kind impact of Spider-Man will have on the Marvel Cinematic Universe; and because of that, it makes the excitement for Captain America: Civil War that much harder not to embrace.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6th.


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