BySizwe Chitiyo, writer at

So almost 3 hours ago, Marvel dropped another trailer for Captain America Civil War, and trust me. It does NOT disappoint.

Not only does it show a lot, but you still get the feeling that its not showing enough, and that's exactly the way you would want a trailer to be *Cough* Dawn Of Justice *Cough*

It also gives shows the relationship of Cap and Tony deteriorate from the start of the trailer to the very end, and personally I really like that it does that as it shows you how its gone from trying to compromise to protecting themselves and their friends. It also shows how much these heroes would go to save their friends.

But, one thing that sticks out is that at the end of the trailer, fans are given a wall crawling delight, and boy is it worth the unlimited questions on what suit he would wear.


Just a few noticeable things before I give you the trailer but one thing that is very very blatant, is that this suit is very tech savvy (the eyes zoom in/focus, like, wow) Which means, he must be on Tony's side when the teams face off... right? Next thing is the actual design of the suit, darker blue, the red is more of a scarlet colour, black web designs around him and the occasional black band. Oh yeah, and the spider looks a lot more like The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon series spider.

So, without any more rambling from me, here's the trailer. Now excuse me as I go fan girl over all the Superhero movies due to drop this year.

I love it.


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