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With the release of the second trailer for Captain America: Civil War, we got a look at some pretty awesome things. From Hawkeye shooting Ant-Man on one of his arrows, to Scarlet Witch bringing the Vision to her knees, we saw PLENTY of great things. However, one of the new things we see in the trailer was something fans have been absolutely dying over: the official reveal of the MCU version of Spider-Man!

How He Appears

We see Spider-Man at the very end of the trailer, and he's in it for less than 10 seconds. However, this 10 seconds was the greatest of the trailer. Tony, Cap, and their teams are on the battlefield, and Tony says that he's "run out of patience." After this, he shouts "Underoos" (which, according to my research, is a brand of children's underwear that have superhero designs, such as Batman, Superman, etc), and Cap's shield is webbed out of his hands, and his hands are left webbed together. Spidey lands on a truck, and looks up and says, "hey everyone." This might've been short and simple, but Marvel was very careful about how he was introduced. Tony represents us, the fans, hence him saying that he's "run out of patience." When Spidey says, "hey everyone", he's basically saying that we can calm down now and admire the fact that Spider-Man is an official part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What His Costume is Based Off Of

Spidey's costume, as many have noticed, is heavily based off of Alex Ross's design for Spider-Man and the costume Spidey wears in Amazing Fantasy #15, his first appearance. Here are some photos to look at:

Alex Ross's design for Spider-Man
Alex Ross's design for Spider-Man
Amazing Fantasy, Issue #15
Amazing Fantasy, Issue #15

Here's the trailer! Check it out for yourselves:

What do you guys think about Spidey's costume? Do you guys think that Tom Holland will do good as Spider-Man? What did you guys like most about the new trailer? Let me know in the comments below!


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