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Jamil Wright

So there were some awesome moments in the new Captain America trailer. Here are my top 5.

5. Black Panther

In this trailer we get even more of a glimpse at the animal Black Panther really is. From his speed to his far leaps and long claws, Black Panther is going to steal the show for sure.

4. War Machine

As seen in previous footage, War Machine does in fact get taken down in the airport scene and since we know how the only question left is.. who did this?

3. Ant-Man

This is a moment I'm sure EVERYONE was waiting for. The famous scene from the comic itself. Also, notice how Ant-Man is landing on Iron Mans suit. I'm willing to bet that Ant-Man has a lot to do with the way team Cap takes down Iron Man.


So we all know who is on who's side but to finally see them charging at each other is awesome! Nowhere near as many people as the comics but still, this scene is epic!

1. Spider-Man!!

This wasn't a surprise at all I assume. Of course Spider-Man was the best moment! This is our first look at Spider-Man in the MCU! Not to mention we see him taking on Captain America... kind of. Also, do you guys notice his eyes? Very similar to the 1966 version.

What do you think?


How did you guys like the new Captain America trailer?


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