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When I first laid eyes on this trailer, I did my initial usual thing of brushing it off as another attempt to capture the same scale of wonder that Studio Ghibli now lacks. That must have been some time ago though, and I must have just been in a really bad mood. Mamoru Hosoda effectively builds upon the success of his last two big hits, Summer Wars and Wolf Children. Certainly, the similarities are there. We are presented with a young protagonist who gets lost, found by a being from an alternate reality within our world. Together they are tasked with taking down the antagonist. Who exactly that may be though, you will need to see for yourself. In the meantime, be prepared to embark on a emotional whirlwind. It has been a while since a movie of this scale could manage to have so many great moments that truly pull you into the development of the characters life as he progresses. You leave truly feeling as though you knew him, and the struggles and triumphs that were cast before him. It does not feel rushed at all either, so be prepared to sit through a rather lengthy film, shy by just one minute of two hours. I highly recommend this film to any and all ages.


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