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Moonies across the globe rejoiced when news broke out of Sailor Moon Crystal receiving a third season. Sailor Moon Crystal was a celebration series for Sailor Moon as the franchise turned 21 years old. Being one of the few anime series to break out of Japan the franchise was embraced by fans around the world.

All the Sailor Senshi to feature in season 3.
All the Sailor Senshi to feature in season 3.

Sailor Moon Crystal follows the story of the manga extremely closely that started the whole franchise. With the first series covering the first two stories from the manga, fans are now excited around the world as the third story introduces fan favorites, the Outer Senshi. The Outer Senshi consists of Sailors Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn. Sailor Pluto has already been introduced through the second season of the anime as she always does in Sailor Moon. But the third season is where we will meet Sailor Saturn and one of the first high profile lesbian couples in media, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. Well now we have our first footage of the season through its first trailer.

As we can see they are keeping closely with the manga and we will indeed be meeting the final three Sailor Senshi of our solar system along with all the villains that work for the evil pharaoh 90.

Season 3 dubbed "Sailor Moon Crystal: Death Busters" is scheduled to air on April 4th through Tokyo MX, but will also air on Sun TV, TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting, TV Hoddaido, TV Aichi and BS11. So Moonies, mark your calendars!


What are your impressions on the first trailer?


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