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Five Things

Hello reader, this is 5 things and today were gonna look at 5 things to take away from the new Civil War trailer that came out today, let's dive in!

1: Is Rhodes the fuel for the fire between Cap and Iron Man?

We see a War Machine fall from the sky, and then a vengeful Tony Stark holding him in his arms as if he was dead. We don't know this but it's safe to say Iron Man will be pretty pissed at this and maybe it was Bucky who killed Rhodes. This shit is deep.

2. Fucking Spiderman


The friendly neighbourhood hero is back and his new costume looks slick and his eye pouch things kinda looked robotic? Maybe a touch from iron man? Who knows. But I think the actor is gonna smash it, as said by a few Hollywood People on twitter. Great.

3. Ant-Man looks cooler than ever

The biggest littleman makes his Captain America debut and in this scene you can see Hawley fire Separation Arrows, them Ant flies in between them gracefully. I'm completely on board with Ant-Man and I'm definitely team Stark at this point.

4. Fight Scene between Cap and Iron Man looks fucking brutal

I really felt the complete destruction between these two men, insane acting and after 2 Avengers films this looks to be the climax for them. Expect some insane plot twists coming up guys. Jesus.

5. Why are people ons which team?

The biggest question for me is who and why. I honestly can't wait to find out why each person chose which side. From the comics, it was clear Team Cap were the rebels and Team Iron Man were the Anti-Rebels. This looks sick guys.

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