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Leonardo DiCaprio has just won an Oscar, so he can sit back and relax now. Right?


He's teaming up with The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams, Forrest Gump screenwriter Eric Roth and Paramount to grab hold of David Grann's book Killers Of The Flower Moon: An American Crime And The Birth Of The FBI. They are looking like the front-runners to obtain the rights for the story, with a bid as high as $2 million.

While there are reportedly higher bids on the table, you can't deny the power DiCaprio and Abrams wield right now. If all goes as planned, the two will produce the film under Appian Way and Bad Robot productions.

Killers Of The Flower Moon takes place in the 1920s and tells the story of strange murders that happen to members of the Osage Indians, who had control over oil that lay beneath their lands. The case was then given to new law enforcement, known as the FBI, which overcame corruption to solve the case.

Judging by Leo's impassioned Oscars acceptance speech, this would be a perfect project for him, as he is a true activist for Native Americans and the environment. I hope a Leo and Abrams version of Killers Of The Flower Moon can come to fruition.

[Source: The Wrap]


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