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Got an itchy trigger finger? A gaming company in Serbia have created what they believe to be the ultimate first person shooter game - shooting real guns at real targets over the internet.

The company is called Pravi Pucati, which in English translates to ‘Good Shoot’. They are an independent gaming company based in a small town in Serbia called Rabas. Their concept is a simple one – shoot real guns from a real first person perspective at real life targets.

“Why did I make this? Because nobody else did it first. For decades virtual reality has been ‘the next big thing’ but the problem has always been that nobody cares. People don’t want to use a controller to pretend to shoot a gun. People want to use a controller to shoot a real gun at real targets. I have created a world where people can experience true freedom. There is nobody around to say no.” – Stojan Božidar, founder of Pravi Pucati.

Is this safe?

According to Pravi Pucati, this game is completely safe. They have a strict tier of intervention security. A system of moderators work simultaneously whilst the games are being played – each moderator has the ability to intercept and take control of any live fire weapon that is active. Plus the weapons have only a limited range of motion which will not allow players to ‘go rogue’, out of bounds.

Our new friends over at Fraghero got this response -

“There really is no danger, the weapons have a limited range of motion that prevents an online operator from shooting outside of bounds, our technology is physically limited, human moderated, and basically unhackable.“

Isn’t this just a gun range?

Not exactly, this is where the gaming element comes into play a little more. The company guarantees that players will have a fun, unique experience and that it is far more diverse than just firing a gun down a range. The company specialise in creating adventure, for their players – they are able to recreate tailored gaming experiences for its individual users.

By designing and building real life ‘gaming’ environments, players are able to experience FPS’s in an all new way, basically shooting the s*** out of real stuff. Sounds cool.

Sounds complicated

Not at all - players can choose whatever type of gaming experience they want – obviously, the price varies depending on the degree of complexity involved. However, if it is a quickie you are after or if you have just found out your mother in law is coming - players are able to jump online and fire off a few frustration rounds for less money than your morning cappuccino.

What weapons can you fire?

There is currently no actual list of weapons available, but judging by some of the images we have here it looks like players will be able to get their hands on pretty much anything. What would you choose?

So, if you feel the need to let off some steam, Pravi Pucati may very well be the place to go – email them a picture of the mother in law or that nuisance neighbour and get cracking.

Is this the best or worst idea in the world? Thoughts below people.


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