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During this superhero-heavy age of movies and TV shows, it's only natural to expect some spoofs and parodies.

That's where The Tick comes in. The cult favorite is a send-up of comic book heroes, and it's finally returning to TV.

After it was first announced in 2014, Amazon is finally ordering a pilot for The Tick. Fans of the titular character will remember his 1994 animated series, as well as the short-lived live-action show in 2001 starring Patrick Warburton.

Ben Edlund, the cartoonist who created the hilarious character, is back as a writer and executive producer. Griffin Newman will play Arthur Everest, The Tick's sidekick who gets the power of flight from his mouth suit. Valorie Curry will play Dot Everest, Arthur's sister.

Unfortunately, Warburton is busy filming his new sitcom Crowded, so he will not be reprising his lead role. While he may still serve as executive producer, the casting search is ongoing for the new obtuse, blue-suited hero.

With a new cast of characters (that will most likely leave off Batmanuel and Captain Liberty), the show will begin with The Tick recovering from memory loss. He teams up with Arthur, who has been declared insane after he publicized that evil will take over the world.

No word on when The Tick will be available to watch on Amazon, but at least the revitalized project is finally within reach.

(Source: Deadline)


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