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One Tree Hill has been over for 4 years now ending in 2012. It was and always will be my favorite TV show of all time. Since the ending of One Tree Hill the cast has had a reunion which is shown here:

I decided to show all the One Tree Hill fans out there where the main characters were then and now 4 years later.

Sophia Bush AKA Brooke Davis

Sophia Bush played a popular and sassy cheerleader in Tree Hill High School and continues on to become a fashion industry connoisseur and a mother. As one of the most loved characters in this show, she is one of the few who stays on the show for all 9 seasons! She is beautiful and relateable. Personally I loved her character. Now what is she up to these days? Miss Bush is a big advocate for feminism. Interestingly enough she actually married Chad Michael Murray during the show, but they did end up divorcing which is sad for all of us who shipped them in real life. However, seeing who she was back then and now shows us that she has not lost that strong passion we all adore in her.

Bethany Joy Lenz AKA Hayley James Scott

Bethany Joy Lenz played the iconic Hayley James Scott who we all fell in love with. Her character developed well from being an adorable tutor to the one and only Nathan Scott, to being the best mother in the world and an extremely talented musician. Although she makes her mistakes, she is so strong and sweet. Nowadays we see her going by her middle name Joy instead of her first name and running her own website which is the coolest thing ever. Click HERE if you want to check out her website.

James Lafferty AKA Nathan Scott

As the character Nathan Scott, I believe he was the most developed and constantly changing character of them all. He played his part very well and all the emotions he felt we felt with him. He was a basketball star who was taken away from the sport he loves which draws him away from the family he loves, but of course Haley brings him back to where he should be. Out of all of the people in the cast, he loves this show the most. Since the show, he has become more popular and has been in more productions than before One Tree Hill. That show definitely boosted his career. Since the show ended he has been in the TV show Underground, the movie Oculus, and the TV show Crisis.

Austin Nichols AKA Julian Baker

Austin Nichols is by far my favorite guy in One Tree Hill. Besides his extreme adorable face, his part is great for him. I always shipped him with Brooke and I was not let down. He is really sweet and cute and a great actor. Since One Tree Hill he has been in the TV show Ray Donovan and most importantly The Walking Dead! He is successful in his career and I don't think he will disappear anytime soon.

Jackson Brundage AKA Jamie Scott

I am pretty sure nobody hated this kid or could even try to. He was the most lovable kid and the most adorable as well. A lot of kids who become actors at a young age drop out of the acting business as they grow up. However, that was not the case with Jackson. After playing Jamie Scott he went on to be in the show See Dad Run and is now a voice actor in Harvey Beaks. This kid has so much talent to be put to use and he is only just a teenager now.


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