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I love superheroes and Deadpool and my love for Marvel is eternal.
So the new Civil War trailer is here and it's amazeballs! And if you haven't watched it yet then I have no idea what you're waiting for! Just watch it Already!


Potential spoilers and scenes that could take your breath away( or your shield,Captain) lay ahead.

Great! So let's begin with

The Superhero Shamming by 'Thunderbolt' Ross

And his narration of the destruction caused after the events Avengers 1&2 and Captain America 2.

In between all that we get a shot of

Chadwik Boseman as T'Challa, after the explosions

It's a big shot but I for one think that Martin Freeman who's rumoured to play the role of Everett Ross could be dead after the explosion.

Everrett Ross worked in The U.S. State Department who escorted foreign diplomats. He could be the link between Black Panther and the Avengers..

It's also possible that this won't happen cause Marvel wouldn't kill off Dr. Watson that easily. They wouldn't right? Let's ask Pietro.. Oooops

We then come across a base in the middle of the Ocean!

It could be The Raft, a supervillain prison in the middle of the ocean

And the prison inside

I wonder how Tony got that bruise...

But it all comes down to Tony vs Steve...

"Sometimes I wanna punch you in your perfect teeth"

... Tony vs Bucky

That reaction!

..BlackPanther vs Bucky

Nice leap!

Scarlet Witch vs Vision

This was pretty amazing though

....Crossbones vs Captain

Watch out, Cap

... Antman, flying off Hawkeye's arrow

The precision of Hawkeye plus the size of Antman equals..

And this epic wide range shot!

Looks like an airport...

Not to mention

War Machine is in a pretty bad condition

And now Tony's pissed off

Seriously, how did he get that bruise?

Wait..... Who's that guy...

M.o.D.O.K maybe?

And then

".. You just started a war"

"... I can do this the whole day"

Although, it doesn't look like he can.




"Hey everyone"

Deadpool would love those adjustable eyes in the mask though!

To sum it up...This May's gonna be the best month of the year!

And this was my first post at Movie Pilot. Thanks for reading!

What do you think about the trailer ?


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