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So Spider-Man is in the MCU, big deal. But if you didn't know the new trailer just dropped for Civil War and it was amazing, ad guess who is in it? Spider-Man! First off, thank you Sony, thank you. For if not for you there would be no Spider-Man in the MCU. Take note FOX!

So in this Article I am going to discuss Spider-Man, and maybe talk about some other stuff. Anyway, first I'm going to talk about Spider-Man's eyes, it's crazy they finally made it and it looks better then Dead-Pool even, his eyes look so classic just so right! The suit is very reminiscent of the original comics with some modern twists, that make it more cool. It was amazing (pun not intended.) The blues and reds are very nice, and most of it is very nice looking. There are some smaller portions that are more black then the original (Image down below) and it was still cool though. Quick side note though his suit looks like it was a little not done, still looked awesome it just looks like they were still putting textures and lighting effects on him. Anyway he has a belt and I think some web shooters on his wrists which say what you will, it didn't actually bother me.

Any Way thanks for Reading and go watch the trailer your self the link is right here:


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