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The newest Captain America Civil War trailer was released today and almost immediately broke the internet. From a ton of new footage as well as longer glimpses at new characters like the Black Panther and the introduction of some character called Spiderman...You may have heard of him?

Courtesy:Marvel Studios
Courtesy:Marvel Studios

Anyways, In the mere hours since the release, there have been tons of Reaction/Dissection Videos and Easter Eggs by the hundreds found within the mere 2 and a half minutes of this trailer. One Shot that I picked up on the first time I saw it, hasn't been mentioned in anything that i've seen so far, so I wanted to post this very cool homage to the opening credits of the 90's X-men Cartoon that was featured in the Civil War Trailer. Enjoy and after watching let me know which side you will be on when Civil Wars hits theaters May 6th.

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Which side are you on?


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