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I'm going to be honest here: I thoroughly enjoyed Snow White and The Huntsman. This film had beautiful cinematography, some well choreographed action and gave Disney fans a darker take on a classic story. With that said, I do believe this sequel will attract a similar and wider audience.

For one, I expect the average Marvel fan and the hardcore Thor fans make an effort to see this film. Chris Hemsworth is reprising his role as The Huntsman, Eric. I expect the badassery of the character to carry over to this installment tenfold. To me, he was the highlight of the last film. Watching him take down the insidious followers of Ravenna felt like I was watching another world's Thor. I am glad he's back, and does not have Kristen Stewart to drag him down.

Replacing Stewart as a female lead and love interest of Hemsworth's character is Jessica Chastain, playing Sara. I think this casting was pretty good, as Chastain does know her way around an action role as well as dramatic. I am hoping that she will be just as ruthless as Hemsworth, perhaps even more so. Chastain can definitely hold her own in a role and perhaps give a level of gravity to this film which takes place in such a fantastical world.

Charlize Theron is back, with Blunt!

Emily Blunt has been cast as Freya, sister to Theron's Ravenna. She has the ability to freeze her enemies (Frozen anybody?) and has set out to exact revenge for her sister's demise. This casting is also a good choice in my opinion, as Emily Blunt 9/10 gives a wonderful and watchful performance. I am curious to see how this film ties in with the last, and how exactly Ravenna is resurrected by her equally cynical sister.

I am not saying that I'll be first in line at the movies to see this film, but I think that there are a few good reasons to check it out. I am looking forward to re-entering this cool world that was brought to our screens in the original, and would like to revisit very soon.

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