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The newest trailer for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War dropped recently and there is one single aspect that has fans raving.

Is it the conflict between Iron Man and Captain America? Maybe. Is it Ant-Man riding one of Hawkeye's arrows? Could be. Is it the long awaited reveal of Spider-Man? You're damn right it is!

People are now officially excited to see the famed web-swinger make his anticipated debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe... but just how much do we all know about Spider-Man? Yeah, we know his origins and some general facts about him, but what about the obscure stuff that is usually forgotten? Check out the six facts about Spider-Man that I bet you didn't know.

1. Spider-Man was not the first Spider-Man to debut at Marvel

Spider-Man first debuted in Amazing Fantasy in 1962 and was an immediate success with all comic book readers. However, before superheroes became a huge craze among kids, monsters and science fiction reigned supreme. Back in the 1950s, before Fantastic Four made superheroes popular, Marvel debuted their newest character from Journey Into Mystery simply called "The Spider."

The story followed a common house spider that was bathed in radioactive rays and started to develop a sense of intelligence and even grew to large proportions. He was able to speak and could even shoot web fluid like another so called "Spider-Man." The creature died by the end of the story but he will be forever remembered as the very first Marvel Spider-Man.

2. He once teamed up with the cast of Saturday Night Live

At the height of Saturday Night Live's popularity, Marvel decided to team up with NBC to create a Marvel Team-Up comic with The Not Ready For Prime-Time Players. These players included Laraine Newman, John Belushi, Jane Curtin, Gilda Radner, Dan Aykroyd, Garrett Morris, and Chevy Chase.

The story was, for lack of a better word, stupid, as fans did not like the fact that some celebrities stole the show from Spider-Man and fought most of his battles for him. However, seeing Stan Lee host SNL in the Marvel Universe was pretty entertaining.

3. He was once a member of the Fantastic Four

Now, before anyone goes nuts in the comments section... I know. They weren't technically called "The Fantastic Four" when Spider-Man was a part of the team. When Spider-Man joined up with Marvel's first family, they were called "The Future Foundation." However, they were still the same characters, so it still counts.

Spider-Man joined the Future Foundation after the tragic death of Human Torch. Reed Richards wanted Spider-Man on the team because he wanted to better the planet with scientific discoveries, which is something Spider-Man could be a real help with. As the new member of the team, Spider-Man was even given a special suit that granted him the ability to change to it from his regular clothes simply with the power of his mind. You got to love that bizarre comic book science.

4. Spider-Man was once a TV star

Both Spider-Man (2002) and Amazing Spider-Man told the hero's origin story that followed the comic rather well for a film adaptation. However, neither of them touched on the fact that he actually became a TV star after his victory against wrestler Crusher Creel. During late night shows, he performed tricks and impressive stunts to astound his audiences.

He actually did this for a while until that unfortunate night he let a burglar run from the law and his Uncle Ben was shot dead. After that tragic night, he dropped his TV stardom to use his powers for the greater good.

5. Peter Parker was actually not that much of nerd

In all recent adaptations of Peter Parker, he is usually depicted as an outcast or a socially awkward nerd. However, you might be surprised to find out that he wasn't that much of a nerd, especially after he got his superpowers. By the seventh issue, Peter had already gotten his first girlfriend, Betty Brant, who worked as the receptionist at the Daily Bugle.

In Issue 8, Peter didn't need his glasses to see anymore and he finally stood up against and beat up the school bully. Not mention the fact that when he got his powers, he gained a major confidence boost and developed a much more in-your-face, cocky attitude. Hopefully we get to see more of that Spider-Man in the MCU.

6. Spider-Man was once molested as a child

In a PSA issue of Spider-Man, writers were trying to raise awareness for kids about sexual abuse. They did this by centering on Spider-Man trying to get a sexually abused child to go to the police. However, during the pep talk Peter recovered an unpleasant memory of an older friend, Skip, who once found one of Peter's porn magazines and tried to convince Peter that they should touch each other like in the magazine.

You can understand where they wanted to go with this story, and the issue was quite uncomfortable. The comic ended with Peter going to his Aunt May, telling her his story, and everything working out in the end.

Are you excited to see Tom Holland suit up as the famous web-swinger?


Are you excited to see Spider-Man in the upcoming 'Captain America: Civil War'?


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