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Only two weeks left until my dreams come true! I already have tickets to the pre-show on Thursday, recliners locked down in the theater, and I'm impatiently counting down the days! With all of that being said, as the movie slowly approaches, I've heard nothing but THE debate.

On a daily basis I'm asked who I think would win and why. Right after I answer, I'm told that I'm an idiot and there's no way that Batman could win. It's time that I give a logical explanation as to how my hero, the Dark Knight, could win this fight. And none of my reasons will be that it's because he's Batman.

We Already Know that Kryptonite Will Be Introduced

Whether the rumors are true that Luthor will use this in some twisted way to create Doomsday or not, kryptonite is going to be in the background of this film. Superman's one weakness, kryptonite, can power him down so much that he's practically human, making Batman more than capable of taking him on.

In the past, kryptonite has been used in this battle multiple times. We have it in the Injustice story, the animated movie Justice League: Doom, the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, and even a brief appearance in one of my favorite graphic novels, Batman: Hush.

In defense of both of the characters, that last one was because Poison Ivy had taken over Supes' mind, but that's exactly the main reason that Batman has kryptonite in his utility belt. For any of you naysayers that don't believe in this theory, let me remind you of that much discussed moment in the trailer where this happened:

If Batman didn't weaken the Man of Steel with a little sliver of kryptonite, then there's absolutely no way to explain how he was able to catch Superman's punch in this spot.

We already know that kryptonite would be the great equalizer in this fight, and would easily even the playing field, but what about if there is no kryptonite?

In The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Went Toe-to-Toe With Superman in the Mechanized Batsuit

It goes without saying that by himself, without kryptonite, Batman is absolutely no match for Superman, and that's why Bruce designed the suit that he uses in the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns. Even at sixty years old, Bruce is able to hold his own against Superman in this issue while wearing this suit. Even without the assist from Green Arrow and his kryptonite-tipped arrow in the end, Batman and Superman had one hell of a standoff up to that point.

Don't get me wrong, both sides put a lot of great hits in. Even dialogue exchanged between the two spoke of how Clark couldn't believe that Bruce was actually trying to fight him, attempting to remind him that he's just a man.

This point was almost recreated in Batman v Superman with the line, "If I wanted it, you'd be dead already!"

There's only two weeks until Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice finally hits theaters! This moment, when the two juggernauts meet on the big screen, has been decades in the making for me! Forget Wonder Woman, forget Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg cameos, this movie is about two people: the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight! Will there be a clear winner before the fight ends and they decide to band together?

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