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Sam Plank

Aside from screaming that SPIDERMAN IS FINALLY IN THE MCU!!!!!!!!! There's one question I have about the new trailer that dropped on us like an F-bomb, and one comment.

First, in this scene:

Is that a dude that appears to be sitting in smoky chamber? In the scene before it, Bucky is seen inside a smoky chamber, where the door is raising:

Which is probably in this dark, creepy place:

Which is most likely inside this cold frickin' mountain:

The mystery guy in the chamber doesn't look quite as dressed as Bucky is, so who the heck is he?

And my comment? Crossbones looks BADASS!

Considering he plays a pretty big role in Cap's Assassination in the comics, the fact that he's kickin his butt here is kind of a big thang.

That's my 2 cents about the trailer!

Here's the obligatory "go here to watch the trailer again if the 10,000,000 times you've seen it already aren't enough" :D


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