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Marvel released the second and final (?) trailer for Captain America : Civil War and boy, it's AMAZINGLY EPIC! Sorry if that didn't make sense but please check it out below if you haven't yet watched it

Now that you've watched it, lets begin.

"This job...we try save as many people as we can. Sometimes that doesn't mean everybody. But you don't give up"-Steve Rogers

The trailer opens with what appears to be a remote arctic location and we then see Bucky in a machine, possibly from a flashback. I think its from his time when he was being brainwashed by Hydra.

"New York...Washington DC...Sokovia. Captain, people are afraid."- General Ross

Ross makes an appearance. He is playing clips from their earlier battles and there is lots of destruction. Sam hangs his head in shame....Wanda gasps when Sokovia is mentioned. She is still very upset seeing how she lost her home and her brother. Steve asks Ross to stop playing the clips.

We then see a shot of the UN building explosion, probably the event that triggers the registration and governing of superheroes. T'Challa is present at the UN building explosion too as we see him pretty torn up an covered in dirt and rubble. He is in civilian clothing.

Is he weeping?
Is he weeping?

"That's why I'm here."- Tony Stark

We see our first shot of Iron Man as he free falls from a helicopter and then shoots of into the sky.

"We need to be put in check". Tony sides with the government and believes heroes need to be regulated.

"I'm sorry Tony. If I see a situation pointing south I cannot ignore it.Sometimes I wish I could"-Steve Rogers

Tony is wearing a sling for his arm and is in bad shape with scars. Looks like prison cells in the background. I think its inside this building here...The MCU version of The Raft...a marvel super prison

The Raft
The Raft

According to a rumor, Captain America is supposedly put in prison at the end of this movie instead of dying like in the comics. Maybe he is kept in The Raft.

"Sometimes I wanna punch you in your perfect teeth"- Tony Stark

We get another shot from the chase scene involving Bucky, Black Panther and Captain America. Black Panther looks amazing as he leaps over cars and takes down Bucky who's in a bike

Make way for the King!
Make way for the King!


Bucky attempts to kill Tony but he uses his Iron glove contraption to hold the gun preventing him getting hurt. He looks pretty shocked.

His new armor seems to be inspired by the Bleeding Edge armor since the armor mechanisms feels more fluid like and smooth.

I think Bucky is still being brainwashed or he will not do something like this. Tony's formal attire suggests he may be present at that UN function too.

Brainwashed Bucky sets up the explosion killing a lot of people. This maybe why Tony is after him. Seeing how T'Challa was there too it makes sense as to why he is after Bucky.T'Challa also looks like he is weeping.

I sort of think his father was present here too, seeing how weeping like T'Challa looks. Early rumors suggest Bucky is responsible for the death of T'Chaka. Maybe this is where he dies and T'Challa seeks revenge. Just speculation.

We see War Machines arc reactor taken out midair and Tony screams as War Machine plummets to the ground. We see Tony take off Rhodeys mask and holding onto what seems like a lifeless body.

"I was wrong about you. The whole world was wrong about you"-Tony Stark

The background looks to be an airport.

We see Natasha take down a few soldiers and Tony warns her that people are coming for her.

"I'm not the one that needs to watch their back",she quips.

They appear to be at the Avengers Facility featured in Age of Ultron and AntMan.

"This doesn't have to end in a fight Tony"- Steve Rogers.

Tony beats him down and screams,"You've just started a war".

We see Bucky and Black Panther fighting on a rooftop as a helicopter fires at Black Panther.

Bullets deflect off Black Panther's suit. Its made of Vibranium so no wonder.

Black Widow looks at the destruction ahead of her in shock.This also looks to be form the airport.

Scarlet witch pins The Vision to the ground using her powers.She seems to have gotten a lot stronger and more in control of her powers as we see her take off later in the trailer. Vision himself is very powerful and pinning him down suggests she isn't to be taken lightly...I mean vision looks completely helpless.

Also notice the cracks around him on the ground. Yep she's very strong.

And this epic shot of Hawkeye firing an arrow...and Ant Man is on it!!! Fans wanted to see this happen in the movie and looks like its happening!

He slips right in between Iron Man's fingers and rolls down his arm.

We get a look at Crossbones vs Cap earlier in the movie.

Tony points his repulsor at Steve and asks him to stand down.

"Stand down! Final Warning"
"Stand down! Final Warning"

"I can do this all day"- Steve Rogers.

Steve's line in The First Avenger when he is being beaten up by a bully. I personally gasped.

It looks like they are in the bunker where Bucky and Cap take down Tony is the first trailer.

This bunker
This bunker

Steve and Tony exchange blows...

We then see the two sides charge at each other at the airport and the title card plays as they both meet.

Team Cap
Team Cap
Team Iron Man
Team Iron Man

And that wasn't all. We get our first look at the MCU's very own friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

Tony shouts "Underoos" and spidey swings through snatching Cap's shield with his webbing and cuffs both his hands in a matter of seconds and then lands on top of a truck.


"Hey everyone!"- Spiderman

His suit looks like to be inspired from the Ultimate Spiderman series and his eyes squint. Pretty sure Tony helped him with this suit.

Hey everyone
Hey everyone

Makes sense cuz we are getting a teenage Spiderman.

Now after this trailer I'm so hyped for this movie.

Glad Marvel didn't release a lot of clips and scenes like how they did with Age of Ultron. This way we have a lot to guess. We still haven't got a look at Baron Zemo so lots of surprises when the movie comes out.

And this is Marvel's longest movie yet!

Thanks for reading. This is my first trailer breakdown so apologies if it seems horrible. I will get better.

Comment what you think about the trailer.

Thank you for reading.


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