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Women have always found ways to shake the athletic world. Every generation there are a group of female athletes that break barriers with their performance in competition. The modern female athlete is stronger, faster, smarter, and more determined to succeed and now another breed of female athlete quickly approaches.

More and more female athletes are turning their back on animal protein diets and embracing vegan/plant based foods to power their bodies. Showing the world that you do not need to consume animals to achieve glory in competition, the following group of female athletes are getting it done and proving a big point. Vegan and plant based diets to improve sports performance is the new wave.

Meagan Duhamel: Olympic Figure Skater

Meagan is a Canadian Figure skater who won silver in Sochi 2014 and placed 1st in the World Championships of Figure Skating in 2015. Meagan has been Vegan since 2008 and since then she has won four gold medals, four silver, and four bronze in international competition.

Melody Schoenfeld: Champion Powerlifter

Don't let her size fool you. Melody Schoenfeld is a true female vegan powerhouse. She holds all sorts of powerlifting records in California and travels the country giving fans at Strongman events a display of her vegan power. In 2015 Melody was awarded the USPA national record for bench press, and deadlift in the women’s 40-44 age category. She is also a trainer who uses who knowledge in vegan dieting for powerlifting to enlighten other female athletes about the trend. Melody has been vegan since 2000.

Fiona Oakes: Marathon Runner

Fiona Oakes is a marathon runner who holds three world records for marathon running despite losing a knee cap from an illness when she was 17. Fiona has been vegan since 6 years old and in 2013 Fiona became the fastest female to complete a marathon on each continent (23h:27m:40s). She is also the fastest female to complete a marathon on the North Pole (28h:20m:50s).

Venus & Serena Williams: Tennis Champions

Although they are not fully Vegan (occasionally eating fish or chicken when the temporary urge hits), Venus and Serena’s diet is mostly Raw Vegan.When Venus was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Sjögren’s syndrome, she felt that a raw vegan diet would help her deal with the condition. Her sister Serena, in an act of sisterly love decided to change her diet as well.

Once again the ladies are coming strong to break barriers and change the way we see women in sports. This time however, these athletes are plant powered. You don't need to consume animal protein to be an athlete, and you don't need to take a life to sustain yours. Visit PETA's guide on how to change to a Vegan diet today!


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