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We are getting closer, just a few more days until the opening of [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870). I'll be seeing it in IMAX 3D, at the second showing (a brother's got to make a living, yo). BTW, I am finding the Real 3D just doesn't cut it for these spectacles anymore, and the regular 2D format leaves me flat, . Now that the dust has settled on the phenomenal [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) trailer and all its glory, we can get down to the business at hand:

"...the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world, the Son of Krypton vs. Bat of Gotham."

Yeah, I get it, there is going to be a brawl, . That's gonna happen and it'll be spectacular, but I'm looking for sooo much more from this movie. Here's a really cool, cumulative, chronological trailer.

Now, I thought that Man of Steel was a really good movie, but I am HYPED for the true introduction of the, so-called, DC Extended Universe (DCEU). The good guys, and the bad guys are going to have to show up for this one, and I'm expecting they will. Based on the trailers and teasers that have come out so far, I have a few things, that have barely been hinted at, that I am looking for to set the foundation of the DCEU. We have much to look forward to, but here are three things that I will be scouring the screen for, in plot, in Easter eggs, and cameos. These are the things that I NEEEEED to see in BvS as we, truly, herald the DAWN of the DCEU...

1. The DAWN of the VILLIANS

I want to get some clues as to who the "big bad" will be for the Justice League movies. There are signals in the trailer toward, one, Lord Darkseid, that appear to be in a nightmare sequence that is being played out in Bruce Wayne's and/or Clark Kent's head. We also know that Lex Luthor, as a villain, is in it for the long haul. Given the trailers are committed to displaying the young, ginger, Lex that most fans are not familiar with, I am looking forward to his evolution into the mad man that we all know and love, but I'm not expecting the souped up version in movie...

#nowyouseeme#nowyouseeme" title="">

Also, I wanna see the Doomsday evolution! When they trotted out the version of Doomsday shown in the trailer, the whole internet went into an uproar comparing the monster to the everything from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to Abomination from The Incredible Hulk and even Cave Trolls from Lord of the Rings; all I ever saw was the baby from the TV show Dinosaurs, ...

#obscurereference#obscurereference" title="">

Now I want to see the baby grow up, I want to see him crack, and break, and GROW with every attack. THIS is my favorite version of the all-time rock, paper, scissors champ, Doomsday. His growth also brings in to play the iconic stone protrusions that were portrayed so poorly on my beloved Smallville. Maybe they won't get to the final product in this movie, but, I think, we will see how his system works. The Trinity team up at the end, I suspect, will vanquish Doomsday but NOT definitively kill him. You can see more of my thoughts in an article I wrote entitled Lex Luthor Created... ; I wrote it when Doomsday first reared his ugly head back in December.


It's actually possible that I am looking forward to Suicide Squad more than any other superhero flick this year. I'm really hoping BvS gives us an early look. It appears there will be elements of The Joker being setup, because - "the Gotham City in [Bruce], [and the] bad history of freaks, dressed like clowns." I wonder if they will squeeze in an introduction to Amanda 'The Wall' Waller. She is, finally, perfectly cast with Viola Davis in the role. As for the itself, gimme some Easter eggs at least, please. The main thing that I will be looking for though is the setup for whoever will be the "big bad" in the movie. I have my own opinion as to Who is the REAL Villain of DC's Suicide Squad?; but I recognize the movie is still a ways off, so we will be getting much more footage to, add to, or disprove my theory. seriously, I can't wait to see this crew in action...

#sick#sick" title="">

Lastly, forgetting about ALL of the above, what I really need this movie to do is live up to it's promise, like I said up top, killer Bat v. Supes action, but most of all...


It's impossible for me to express how excited I am to see the Justice League come together, and this movie is confirmed to have a lot of dawning of justicing. Obviously, there are these three, the so-called, trinity...

#threescompany#threescompany" title="">

Also, you may remember the excitement crescendoed when they first hired Jason Mamoa for Aquaman (I would have gone more in the Vinnie Chase direction - haha). One of the first images that we got, from Director Zack Snyder, of Arthur Curry AKA The King of Atlantis AKA Aquaman was this, more than a year ago...

#kingofthesevenseas#kingofthesevenseas" title="">

UNITE THE SEVEN it said! This could only mean one thing (well, two). Everyone assumed it to mean the seven main members of the Justice League, more on that to come. Personally, I think it was the "seven seas" thing. It doesn't matter though, because everyone still wanted to know; who would be the core members? DC, eventually confirmed, The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher), will have small roles in BvS. It looks like they haven't decided which Green Lantern will round out the magnificent seven. I will be looking for more than this, and I will be looking for clues as to who else is in the DCEU Justice League. The first thing that I want to see is a nod to the originales from the comics in the 60's:

Here is your play at home checklist of possibilities.


Which of these ORIGINALES do you think is most likely in Dawn of Justice?

Do you think that they will have any of these guys????

See you soon. RH


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