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Anti V3nom

Well this was unexpected. It's March everyone is hyped about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice which I am really excited for. So anyway I went to watch this trailer and it was good and then out of nowhere a big fat Spider-Man reveal in front of my face. Wow. How did that happen? Well Marvel decided that it was the right time and well I don't have an issue. So let me explain my thoughts. This costume is pretty good. First let me point out his eyes are animated. That is really cool and is similar to Deadpool's costume.

His eyes are all whited out and they move he actually has expression. It moves around unlike from Raimi's trilogy and Webb's attempted trilogy (actually Raimi's attempted anthology) the eyes didn't move. It's not a bad thing that they didn't before but it's nice to see it now. Now Spider-Man's symbol is cool. Most people really wanted a huge symbol but I like it small because it resembles the classic costume same with the thick black outline on the eyes it looks just like this.

So basically to me the costume looks like classic with a few adjustments like adding some black or less webbing on the legs but besides it is classic also I think he does have the red spider symbol on his blue back. In conclusion Marvel did Spider-Man justice.


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