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Since the latest [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) trailer hit the web, theories have been circulating about who could potentially bite the dust during the movies. These theories have included War Machine, Captain America, Iron Man, and even Vision!

There is one character, however, who has managed to slip under the radar on most of these death theories...

Clint Barton / Hawkeye

The beloved bowman may not seem like much of a target to be killed off during this movie, but that is due to the lack of attention given to the character. Perhaps this lack of attention is intentional.

Last year, Marvel made it appear as though Hawkeye would die during the movie based on the amount he was used in promotions and the introduction of his family — meaning he had something to lose. This build up, however, concluded with the shocking death of Quicksilver.

His Luck Is Running Out

This time, Marvel may not be fooling around and they may be ready to kill the lighthearted archer of the Avengers. The world had given him the chance to retire and be with his family, but for some reason he came back to the fight. The world may not give him that second chance to live.

When it comes down to it, Clint may be a talented bowman, but he cannot match up with some of the people he is against. Vision, Black Panther, Iron Man, and War Machine are on completely different power levels than poor Hawkeye — out of all the Avengers, Clint probably has the smallest chance of survival.

His Contract Is Almost Up

That's 3/4... before 'Civil War'
That's 3/4... before 'Civil War'

The real catch to acknowledging that Hawkeye doesn't have much time left is his contract. When Jeremy Renner first signed his Marvel deal, he agreed to do four films. So far, he has been in Thor, The Avengers, and Avengers: Age of Ultron. That's three. Captain America: Civil War will be his fourth and final movie, unless he alters his contract.

With the contract expiring, Marvel has three options: simply forget he ever existed, make him retire, or kill him off. They can't act like Hawkeye never existed, because that would leave an enormous plot hole. The idea of making him retire has already been used during Age Of Ultron, so doing it again would just be repetitive. The only real option Marvel has is killing the character off — which they just might do.

It Fits With The Comics

Goliath's death in the comics
Goliath's death in the comics

During the Civil War comic arc, there was a major death after the midpoint battle of the War. Bill Foster (Goliath) was on Team Captain America and was accidentally killed. His death rocked both sides of the war, causing members of both teams to jump ship. And those who didn't jump were just crazy shaken.

Assuming that Marvel intends to follow remotely close to the comics (which they occasionally do), they may kill off a member of Captain America's team after the midpoint battle of the movie (which is assumed to be the battle at the airport). Like Goliath, the dying Avenger will likely be a respected, long-term member of the Avengers whose death will rock the characters, but won't be enough to destroy the team. Out of all the options on Team Captain America (Cap, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, Falcon, and Winter Soldier), there is only one long-term Avenger whose death won't completely destroy the team — Hawkeye. He is beloved by the other Avengers, but he is no leader. He is the perfect target to be killed (probably by accident).

Hawkeye's Death Would Explain Why Black Widow Turns Against Stark

Natasha's conversation with Stark
Natasha's conversation with Stark

During the trailer, we saw a heated conversation between Black Widow and Iron Man, presumably after a heavy fight, as Iron Man looks very beaten up. During the conversation, Stark tells Natasha that "they" are coming for her, to which Natasha replies she is "not the one who needs to watch their back." She then storms out of the room.

This is a heavy one to analyze, but it does fit with the comics. Considering that Hawkeye is likely to die during the midpoint battle, there is a role that Black Widow is likely to fulfill.

Sue Storm's betrayal in the comics
Sue Storm's betrayal in the comics

After the death of Goliath during the midpoint battle, Sue Storm (who had become close to Goliath) turned against Iron Man, who she had previously sided with, and became a fugitive of the law.

Since Sue Storm is owned by Fox, Marvel may be looking to Black Widow to take this position instead. After the death of Hawkeye, the man who had saved Natasha from her horrid past, Black Widow (who is supposedly on Team Iron Man) will likely turn against her team and become a fugitive of the law. This would mean that the government ("they" as Stark referred to them) would then be hunting down Black Widow.

Hawkeye is one of my favorite Avengers, and it would kill me to see him go, but it is most likely going to happen. He has made it through three movies, against inconceivably powerful beings, and survived. Eventually his luck will run out - most likely around the same time that his contract does. So, now.

His death would fit perfectly in the comics, fulfilling the death of a Team Captain America member, and fulfilling the betrayal of a female superhero against Team Iron Man. It really does piece together like a puzzle, connecting the trailer, the contracts, and the comics all together. I guess this means we will only see Ant-Man ride on Hawkeye's arrow once. Oh well...

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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