ByKirito Grey, writer at

Have you ever wondered if any of the sword designs in Skyrim are practical? Or are they so unbelievably poorly designed to those of us who do HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) that we cringe when we see them do to the impracticality?

Well in this video I look at some of the more practical swords:

In this second video I take a look at the fighting in Skyrim. I have seen a lot of comments on Facebook and YouTube about how it is realistic...apparently a lot of people who play Skyrim are complete retards who have no idea what historical sword-fighting was actually like. Watch the video:

Now watch this video from Youtuber Skallagrim that shows two people who have trained in Martial Arts for longer than I have fight with Sabers:

Here's one with Katana VS Longsword:

These videos are meant to give you a slightly better understanding of actual Martial Arts. If you want to fully understand you must begin to learn for yourself.


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