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Amazing Cast And A Really Good Movie

Ladies and gentlemen, make way, there's a new badass bitch in town. Sit down Rey, you wore the crown well, but now you can rest.

I give you Michelle, the new Queen supreme, bow!!!!
I give you Michelle, the new Queen supreme, bow!!!!

I just got back from seeing 10 Cloverfield Lane. I was a fan of the first Cloverfield for the most part. It had its issues but they were nowhere near enough to stall the movie. This one though, took it to a whole new level.

I was stunned by how much I enjoyed this film.

I originally was only mildly interested in it, I would have happily let Cloverfield go down in history as a solo film, but in the end I'm happy it didn't.

So let's get into it.

This film simply builds tension like nobody's business. It makes you uncomfortable and fucks with your head almost constantly. To say John Goodman steals the show would be an understatement. He kills every scene he's in, and is unsettling as fuck. You will squirm at John Goodman's Howard.

The beginning of the movie has Michelle taking off in her car after having a fight with her husband, Ben (voiced by Bradley Cooper). The fight is not shown but you get the idea it was pretty bad. Next thing you know Michelle's car is slammed into and the screen goes black.

Michelle awakes in a room, with a brace on her leg and cuffed to a pipe. This is where Michelle gets awesome. Instead of screaming for help like most movie kidnap victims do, she dismantles her iv, and gets to work getting her cell phone. She will take no shit from her captor.

This is when we meet Howard, he gives her food, and wooden crutches, and tells her to get used to using them, and that he intends to "keep her alive." He also leaves her with the key to her restraints. She uses the key to sharpen the end of one of her crutches.

It's so nice to see such a tough chick that is willing and ready to kill this mother fucker right off the bat. Not only is Michelle tough but she's clever. She immediately finds a way to lure Howard into her room while she silently waits for him to enter so she can kebab his ass. After this fails Howard tells her that there's been an attack on the surface. Nuclear or biological he does not know. He spews off some bullshit about martians too, so it's clear Howard is a bit of a whacko.

kidnap selfie, kids these days
kidnap selfie, kids these days

Later on in the film Michelle is allowed to move about the doomsday bunker freely, and interact with Howard and our other survivor, Emmet.

Emmet helped build the thing for Howard. Emmet is awesome, he's the funny one and he plays that part well although frequently getting on Howard's nerves, which is also hilarious. Howard is just the type of guy you love to piss off.

But Wait...

So at this point we can assume that Howard's wheel is turning but the hamster's dead. We can assume that nothing has happened on the surface and he's just crazy. Just then it gets weird. We begin hearing all manner of strange sounds from the surface. A car, a helicopter and a bunch of unexplainable shit.

I loved this because what it does is make you wonder what's real. You second guess yourself constantly. You go from "Michelle baby you gotta get out of there!!!!!" to ".......maybe not" in the course of a few minutes.

As the mystery starts to unravel and the story begins it's final push the rabbit hole becomes deeper and deeper. With each revelation comes more questions. Nothing is spoon fed to the audience here. So go see it, whether you like the original or not. There's no reason to even see the first one as this is more of a spiritual successor anyway.

See this with a crowd like I did. It made it a hell of a lot more fun. The way it makes the audience second guess themselves is superb. The acting is top notch, and Michelle's last stand is the stuff of legend.

Bring your friends, bring your family, bring your girlfriend, bring your boyfriend, just make sure you get your asses in the theater to see this movie. Michelle, god I hope we see you again. We need women like you.

Hail to the Queen baby.
Hail to the Queen baby.

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