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Hey guys this is my first post, and honestly, I didn't wanted to post it, but recently I saw lots of persons are speculating theories regarding the movie without carefully understanding the deeper meaning of the trailers.

NOTE- I am a hard rdj fan, so forgive me if I make iron man better....

Now the ab above scene is from the latest trailer footage of the movie, where Tony hastily covers his hand with the iron man glove (which is awesome by the way), there's more to this scene than one can guess,

U see, Tony could have shot Bucky but he didn't, and if u look closely at his reaction in this scene, and add it up with a dialogue Tony says in the trailer when Rhodes was shot down(yes by Bucky himself), he says-

"I was wrong g about you, completely wrong"

Or something like that, now if we add this line with the scene depicted in the above pic, it's clear that iron man wasn't in favour of catching or hurting Bucky himself and thought of him as his own friend, and he's shocked to see that Bucky actually fired the bullet.

Yeah this is particularly left byothers fans, when Tony holds Bucky's hand to stop him from firing, his reaction is his normal fun self, but when Bucky actually fires the bullet, his expression becomes a sort of unexpected hurt kind of, and this may hint at something important as role of Bucky and Tony.

Alright guys lemme know what you think of this scene as.

Thank you for reading, I'll be writing more when I completely see all the footage....


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