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I have been a fan of Batman since I was a kid. I grew up watching the Tim Burton films. I unfortunately haven't watched the original show with Adam West. Gotham City is full of interesting characters. I love the Joker, the Penguin, Scarecrow, Deathstroke, Two-Face and Catwoman. I love seeing Batman take on these villains. He struggles with them because they're evil and intelligent. I like that he does not use guns to murder the villains. He truly does his best to try to make Gotham a safer place and he does it all without any superpowers. All he uses is his intellect, physical strength that he built up himself, science and technology to create powerful gadgets, and martial arts to defeat these villains. Of course, he also uses the help from Alfred, the Commissioner, and of course Robin, in some situations.

To me, the best Batman films are The Dark Knight (2008), Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). Needless to say, I think Michael Keaton and Christian Bale have provided the best portrayal of Batman so far. I do not care for Ben Affleck being casted into this role. Maybe I'm still judging him for staring in the movie Gigli (2003), but to me, he's definitely a Bruce Wayne, but he is not Batman. It's possible that he will surprise me, but I'm still disappointed in this casting choice. He does not look like the superhero type and I'm still mad that the movie Gigli even exists.

Superman is not as impressive as Batman and he never will be. His disguise is pathetic. How someone would not recognize him as Clark Kent is preposterous. He is not as clever as Batman. He does not have an interesting backstory. I prefer Bruce Wayne's tragic story to Superman's alien one. They both lost their parents, but I think Bruce had a more traumatic experience with his parents being shot right in front of his face. I sympathize more with him because the tragedy he experienced sadly happens to people in our real world.

Lex Luther is a boring villain compared to all of the Gotham villains. I'm not too thrilled about the casting choice for him either. Jesse Eisenberg has been in some great roles (Mark Zuckerberg from The Social Network (2010) & Columbus from Zombieland (2009), but he does not seem cunning enough to play a villain. Although, this casting choice is still not as bad as Topher Grace being casted as Venom in Spider-Man 3 (2007).

I do not see how Superman could possibly defeat Batman in the long run. He may have superhuman strength, but he is easily defeated by kryptonite. Of course, Batman is not going to like how badly it hurts when he punches Superman for the first time and it gets him no where. Since Bruce Wayne/Batman is not an idiot, I'm sure he will figure it out that he needs kryptonite. I'm sure he's clever enough to get ahold of some if necessary. Also, Superman's disguise is no disguise. I'm assuming the people of Metropolis are morons if they have ever met Clark Kent and don't recognize that he's Superman. Bruce Wayne's Batman disguise is far superior. He covers the majority of his face and his voice is altered a lot, I also like that's it's all black and has armor. Superman doesn't need armor though, you can't hurt him with how his body is developed. Batman will learn that quickly and that's going to hurt.

I've enjoyed one Superman movie and it's the one from 1978. It had a great cast, but I still would pick a Batman movie to watch instead. I'll even admit to liking the show from the 90s called Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. I have not watched this show since then, so I am not sure if it's extremely corny or not. Given the name of it and the picture they have of it on IMDB, I'm pretty sure it's corny. Superman Returns (2006) is an awful movie. Terrible acting by Brandon Routh. I attempted to watch Man of Steel (2013), but I didn't like that either. Superman just isn't my type of superhero. He needs to face the consequences of him destroying things and Batman is going to kick his ass, even if Ben Affleck is playing him.

Are you looking forward to seeing Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice? Are you more of a Batman or Superman fan?


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