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For those who have never seen Sleepy Hollow, it is an awesome show about a Revolutionary War soldier named Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison). He was sword fighting with a British soldier when he was stabbed in battle. Before he fell, he made sure he cut off the head of the soldier. Little did he know, he had just beheaded the face of DEATH! Once he died, his wife Katrina, who was a witch, cast an enchanted spell to preserve his body until she could revive him and protect him from evil. Unfortunately, before she could revive him, she was banished to purgatory as punishment for saving Ichabod’s life. Fast forward 200 years later, he awakens in the 21st century and has to learn to live in our world. Here are some ways that Ichabod Crane had to adapt to our world and learn about our modern technology.

Slavery Ended?

When Ichabod first awoke from his grave, he was completely disoriented. He was running around like a chicken with his head cut off. He eventually got caught by the police and put in jail. When he first met Lieutenant Abie Mills, he was relieved to know that she was emancipated because in his times, a black woman would have been a slave. She was offended by this, but obviously, he didn’t know why. At first, Abbie did not like him, but he was the only one who believed that her friend, Sherriff Corbin, was killed by the Headless Horseman. They eventually learned to trust each other, became best friends, and fought the forces of evil together!

Taxes Anger Ichabod Too!

When he was riding with Abbie in her police car, she gave him food and coffee. He was looking at the receipt and he couldn’t believe how high the taxes in the modern age were. He was upset because he felt like he had fought the Revolutionary War to stop taxes. He didn’t understand why the town had so many Starbucks, but when he discovered coffee, he became addicted to it. Once Abbie gave him a donut hole, his taste buds were awakened! Combine donuts and coffee and Ichabod was in heaven!

He Hates the Nin-Na-Net!

The Internet was the most baffling technology to Ichabod Crane. On a mission to find Washington’s manuscript, Crane tried to print out the manuscript on the laptop. He couldn't figure it out so he started pushing all the keys on the laptop. He thought he had made the manuscript on the screen disappear, but in reality, he had just clicked something else on the screen and he couldn't see it. Abbie clicked on it to show him it was still there. To remedy the problem, he printed out the manuscript five times so it wouldn’t disappear again. Later on, he tried to use the laptop again but he was stuck on the desktop screen. After clicking multiple times, a video of hot girl popped up on the screen. She wanted to chat with him. His reaction was completely sweet and funny because he was so embarrassed. He replied, “I am very flattered, madam, but I’m afraid I’m already espoused to another.” He closed the laptop, thinking it would make her go away.

How Does This Blasted Cell Phone Work?!

One time Abbie texted Ichabod on his phone. She told him, “On my way. :) ” He didn’t understand the emoticon. He turned the phone sideways to get a better look of the emoticon, thinking it was a picture of a man’s face. When his phone died and he couldn’t turn it on, he called Abbie to ask her if he could use her phone. He didn’t realize he had to charge it for it to come back on.

What's North Star? Siri is Not Real?

Feeling like he needed to talk to someone besides Abbie, Ichabod decided to talk to Yolanda from North Star. He wanted to express his feelings about being an old soul in a young world, but she ended up telling him about her problems. The whole conversation was hilarious because Ichabod didn’t know that North Star representatives are supposed to be used for life and death emergencies while in your car. He used it like he was talking to one of his friends.

Attempting to express his thoughts about his longing for his wife Katrina and figuring out a way to save her, he tried to talk to Siri. Of course Siri is a program, but he didn’t know that. Instead of responding to him, Siri was trying to look up stuff about the 18th century. Ichabod complained, saying that Yolanda from North Star was a better listener.

What Are Christmas Stockings?

Christmas is supposed to be a joyous occasion where people celebrate the birth of Christ, spend time with loved ones, and eat a bunch of food. Christmas didn’t feel this way to Ichabod because it was just a constant reminder that he was alone without the love of his life, Katrina or his family. Abbie, knowing how it felt to be abandoned, gave him a gift of a Christmas stocking with his name embroidered on it. What was funny was that he thought it was a weird tradition to give people oversized hosiery as a gift.

Skinny Jeans Are Going to Kill Us All!

Part of his whole persona is his 18th century wardrobe so it was quite shocking to see him in skinny jeans. The shock was short-lived because Ichabod didn’t like them either. To deal with the reality of being resurrected from his 200-year-old grave and being stuck in modern times, he likes to wear his 18th century clothes as a reminder of who he was. He didn’t understand people wore skinny jeans when they were so tight. Of course Abbie was quick to point out that he was a man who used to wear wigs and stockings.

What’s a Fist Bump?

After their amazing victory against the Headless Horseman, Abbie tried to fist bump Ichabod to celebrate. She was really excited to show him this, but he was just confused by it. He acted like he enjoyed learning the new handshake, but he really thought it didn’t make any sense.

The writers of Sleepy Hollow do a great job of incorporating new ways for Ichabod Crane to learn about modern technology. It never gets old. Tom Mison does an excellent job of portraying an 18th century soldier and Englishman stuck in the 21st century. Seeing him react to his new surroundings is one of my favorite parts about watching Sleepy Hollow. It gives the us a little comic relief between the serious moments of the show. It is awesome that he has Abbie to help him navigate his way through the complicated world of technology and I'm glad we are able to come along for the hilarious adventure! If you want more of Ichabod Crane, watch new episodes of Sleepy Hollow on FOX or catch up with streaming episodes on Hulu!


What is your favorite modern day blunder by Ichabod Crane?


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