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In January 2016, our hearts collectively broke into a million pieces when we heard the devastating news that legendary actor Alan Rickman passed away after a brave battle with cancer.

As the announcement hit the Internet, loving sentiments flooded in from all corners of the globe, with fans and celebrities alike extending their deepest sympathies and sharing their most beloved Rickman moments on social media. And now almost a month on, the honorable actor still remains very much in our thoughts, particularly because his final on-screen appearance just premiered in New York. Here's the trailer for Eye In The Sky:

On Wednesday, the cast and crew of the movie got together for the opening with many taking the opportunity to pay tribute to their late co-star.

"The wit, the urbanity, the sophistication, the intelligence, the humanity"

Notably, actress Dame Helen Mirren (who plays the role of Colonel Katherine Powell in the film) spoke incredibly highly of her dear friend, explaining that their professional and personal relationship went far back. She said:

“Obviously, I knew Alan very, very well. I did a play with him, Anthony and Cleopatra, and we went through all the unbelievable difficulties and the passion of that.”

She then added:

“The man you see on the screen – and that’s what I love about it really – is Alan: the wit, the urbanity, the sophistication, the intelligence, the humanity."

"We lost one of the most brilliant people in this profession"

Similarly, co-star Aaron Paul relayed how much Alan's loss affected everyone. Speaking of his sudden passing, he said:

“It came as a horrible shock to everyone. We lost one of the most brilliant people in this profession.”

The director of Eye In The Sky went on to share similar sentiments, revealing that he was not aware of Rickman's cancer. Gavin Hood also spoke about his excitement of seeing the actor at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival but recalls receiving a note from Alan saying that he was not well. Hood revealed:

"He wrote me a sweet note: ‘Gav, I’m so sorry, I’m just not feeling so good and I’m not going to be there. I just need to put my feet up for a few days.’ When I think of that now, it absolutely breaks my heart.”
Alan in 'Eye In The Sky' via eOne
Alan in 'Eye In The Sky' via eOne

Despite this, Rickman apparently traveled to LA some weeks later. Thinking back to that time, Hood admits that even then he had no inkling that his friend was sick:

“We hung out, had a chat, drinks. He was on his feet, gave no hint that he was ill. He was dignified and warm and kind to the very end. And not long after that he passed away. It hit me hard, because I read it in the paper. It was horrible. It was so sudden … He was a good man; he really was.”

Alan, you may be missed but you'll never be forgotten!

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