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It's common knowledge at this point that approximately 137 DC heroes will be featured in Batman v Superman, from the really important (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman), to the kind of important (Aquaman, The Flash), to the not very important (Oracle), to the downright WTF (Doll-man, Rex the Wonder Dog).

Just kidding. Rex the Wonder Dog is being saved for Justice League.

Sadly, there's one DC favourite missing from Snyder's universe: she wears an impractical PVC suit, she purrs pure evil in Bruce's ear, and she's away from Gotham on business whilst the Bat is taking on the Man of Steel.

...or is she?

When asked recently whether she wished she had a part in Batman vs Superman, actress Carla Gugino, who's worked with Zack Snyder previously on Watchmen and Sucker Punch, dropped this mysterious hint...

So who might Gugino be playing in 2016's most-hyped movie? Let's check out the three most likely possibilities.

#1: Kelor

The first and most obvious option would be the voice of Kelor. You may recall that Kelor, voiced by Gugino in Man of Steel, was a Kryptonian service robot who was ultimately destroyed.

However, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that Kelor had a generic voice (much like, say, Siri, or Cortana if you're one of the 14 people in the world who uses a Windows phone), and that Gugino could voice a robot birthed from the same software as Kelor.

#2: Silk Spectre

Gugino played Sally Jupiter, A.K.A. the original Silk Spectre and one of the founding members of the Minutmen, in Snyder's cult adaptation of the classic graphic novel Watchmen. It goes without saying that she killed it.

The idea that some kind of voice cameo from Sally Jupiter could be incorporated into Batman vs Superman is properly exciting, but also quite unlikely when you consider that the Watchmen universe is entirely separate from Snyder's new DC cinematic universe, which takes many of its cues from the New 52.

#3: Catwoman

Yes, Catwoman featured in The Dark Knight Rises. Yes, Anne Hathaway did a fine job. And no, there's no Catwoman movie due in the next few years (although I'd happily swap Shazam, The Flash and maybe even Aquaman to see that...).

But Gugino does have just about the silkiest, most purr-ilicious speaking voice of any actress in Hollywood today, and what would be a more epic curveball than a vocal cameo for one of Batman's most iconic rogues? Plus, the fact that she has no solo movie scheduled doesn't rule out a role in Justice League.

Of course, of these three options, it's by far and away the most likely that Gugino will be voicing a Kryptonian robot. We'll find out for sure when [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) hits theatres in two weeks, on March 25th.


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