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Now, in amongst all the theorizing about just what's going to go down in Captain America: Civil War, and in particular who's going to survive the film, it's perhaps not too surprising that speculation over the movie's leading actors' favorite Disney princesses hasn't been all that common.

That being said, with Disney now owning Marvel and all, it's perhaps not all-that-improbable a question to want an answer too - much as were we to meet Mickey Mouse we would surely ask him which side of Marvel's Civil War he is on.

Which, in fact, makes it all the more fortuitous that...

Chris 'Captain America' Evans Was Just Asked Who His Favorite Disney Princess is

And no, it's not Robert Downey Jr., freaking spectacular as he is.

Instead, when asked the question by Buzzfeed recently, Evans offered up not one but two - count 'em, two - favorite Disney heroines... and they might just surprise you a little.

Y'see, Chris Evans's favorite Disney princesses are, apparently...

'Beauty and the Beast's' Belle

And, as an intriguing counterpoint...

'Hercules' Megara

Who, as a duo, are actually distinctly solid Disney princess choices - not only are they both deeply intelligent, proactive and independently minded badasses, but they both come from Disney movies people actually like, too.

The film's directors, by contrast, opted for somewhat more conventional answers, with Joe Russo choosing Aladdin's Jasmine, and Anthony Russo Frozen's Elsa - both of which are... absolutely fine, albeit unspectacular, answers.

How about Robert Downey Jr. though?

Well, according to the man himself (with some assistance from artist Ryan Adriandhy)...

...he loves all of the Disney princesses equally (if a little creepily, seeing as some of them are very underage).

What do you think?


Which of Chris Evans's Disney princess choices do you think is the greater DP?

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