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Let's start by acknowledging that it's utterly deranged that this baby has taken so long to birth. Hollywood's biggest diva, five-time Grammy winner and hilarious human, Mariah Carey is finally getting her own reality TV show and We. Are. Obsessed.

According to US Weekly, the docu-series will chronicle behind-the-scenes dramas from her upcoming Las Vegas residency show as well as featuring intimate family moments. It should also go without saying that we can expect bucket loads of attitude, glitter, sunglasses and diamond covered butterfly rings. What more could you want?

Well, funny you should ask...

5 Things We Want From Mariah Carey's TV Show (Please):

1. At some point she should take a casual bath while wearing a towel.

And then talk to us about how she does this all the time to forget the world - Like she did in her amazing MTV Cribs episode.

2. She should also diss Eminem but only a little bit because she's totally over it

You can read about their beefy history here.

3. Then she can ignore her kids

via Getty/Kevin Winter
via Getty/Kevin Winter

It should be awkward AF but is in fact hilarious.

via Russ Einhorn
via Russ Einhorn

4. She should definitely throw glitter at people she likes but are clearly less fabulous than her

via FOX
via FOX

Because she is such a gracious queen.

5. She'll hopefully have like, loads of moments.

Bandana moments, evening moments, diamond moments, full-on evening moments.

Bring those moments, Mariah. We are SO ready.

What would you love to see in Mariah's TV show?

Source: US Weekly


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