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As the show's twelfth season restarted in February, we were all reminded of how hard life can be for Grey's Anatomy hero Meredith Grey. Episode 9 of the new season seemed to prove the point, as we saw her struggling to get back the courage she needs to work after she's been violently attacked by a patient.

Unfortunately, it's not the first time that things have gone awry for the young doctor. Out of compassion or maybe because of a dangerous impulse to dive again into the show's most emotional scenes, we took a look back at the moments when Mer really hit rock bottom.

Get out the tissues, and read on for 7 of the worst things that ever happened to Meredith Grey:

1. Watching Her Mother's Suicide Attempt

That's a brutal way to start the list, but it's only the beginning: when she was young, Meredith was forced by her mother to watch her slit her wrists without calling 911. Thankfully she did call and saved her life, but the trauma stayed with her. Later in the show, her mother died from Alzheimer's while Meredith was recovering from a drowning accident.

2. Removing A Live Bomb From A Patient's Body... And Watching It Explode

It's a tricky operation to remove a live bomb from a patient's body, but things got way worse when Meredith gave the weapon to the head of the bomb squad and it exploded right there in the hospital corridor.

3. Drowning

After a ferry accident led her to jump in the water to save someone, Meredith had a near-death experience that took more than one episode to bring her back to life. Thank you, Derek, for saving her.

4. Seeing Her Best Friend Die

Meredith was taking care of one of her best friends, George, but she didn't know because he was so disfigured from his accident. It was only when he took her hand and wrote out her nickname in her hand, 007, that she realized who the mystery patient was. He died soon after.

5. Miscarrying

Shortly after Derek got shot, Meredith had a miscarriage in the middle of her work. Her stubborn refusal to take care of the situation makes it all the more heartbreaking.

6. Being In A Plane Crash

She was in a freakin plane crash! And while she survived, her half-sister didn't make it.

7. Losing Derek

Her husband died. He was the victim of a car crash and ended up brain-dead at the hospital. Meredith was the one who had to decide to pull the plug. Alright, who's cutting onions here?

What's the worst thing to happen to Meredith Grey in your opinion?


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