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The trailer for the upcoming sitcom, The Ranch, feels more like a Saturday Night Live skit rather than a genuine series.

But, despite its release date on April Fools Day, the Netflix original is no joke. Or, more like it is a joke. Actually, third time lucky - it's full of jokes, and it's funny.

A 70's Reunion

Ashton Kutcher is in a leading role, there's canned laughter, AND Kutcher is reunited with That 70's Show co-star, Danny Masterson. What isn't there to like?

Although admittedly it looks a little cheesy, this could be lots of fun. Check out the trailer below:

The show also stars Sam Elliott, Debra Winger and Elisha Cuthbert, and will focus around Kutcher's character Colt, who returns home after a failed football career.

He then embarks on helping to run the family business, a ranch in Colorado, along with his brother (Masterson) and father (Elliot).

The Ranch will be available to stream from 1st April 2016.

Will you watch 'The Ranch'?

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