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Disney are on a beautiful roll lately with some stellar entries into their long list of animated titles. We've been able to indulge in the joys of Tangled, the delights of Frozen, the majesty of Big Hero 6 and now the t(r)opical power of Zootopia. With Kingdom Hearts 3 on the horizon, probably arriving on the XBOX One and PS4 in 2017, we're all starting to imagine these new Disney movies having their own worlds in game.

Tangled and Big Hero 6 have already been confirmed for this highly anticipated JRPG, but there's been no word on perhaps the most requested Disney film for Kingdom Hearts 3, Frozen. We're sure it'll be announced sooner or later, but what about Disney's latest work?

Could Zootopia Be A Part of Kingdom Hearts 3 & Its Worlds?

Tangled in Kingdom Hearts 3
Tangled in Kingdom Hearts 3

Look up any review for Disney's Zootopia and you are bound to find praise. Here are just a few examples:

  • "Zootopia excels on so many levels that it stands with the finest of the Disney classics."
  • "In many ways a conventional movie, but it unfolds with so much wit, panache, and visual ingenuity that it outstrips many a more high-concept film."
  • "Reminiscent of "Toy Story" in its ability to create a wonderfully colorful world of its own, "Zootopia" is a fun film with undeniably important themes about diversity, inclusion and self-worth."

It's a beautiful film. It feels relevant and topical as it examines our own world through the prism of Zootopia, a city that is eventually overcome by fear as its inherent racism comes bubbling to the surface. The animations are stunning, the characters are great, the voice acting superb. Why wouldn't we want to see Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Look how cute they are!
Look how cute they are!

Disney have already shown us that Big Hero 6 is possible for the game, so perhaps Square Enix had access to films that weren't released yet. Perhaps this film's inclusion was planned months ago, or the studio can now start to prepare for Zootopia receiving its own world. It's unlikely that Kingdom Hearts 3 will arrive in 2016, so perhaps additional intellectual property and worlds can be created within this time frame.

Are you excited for the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3?


Have you guys had the opportunity to see Zootopia yet? Did you enjoy it? And are you excited for the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3? If so, you should check out our everything we know piece on Square Enix's highly anticipated JRPG.


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