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The tournament that can be felt around the world - Pokken is unleashed. Check out every synergy burst, every super stun move from each and every Pokémon involved in this year’s Pokken tournament!

Pokken is an incredible amalgamation of epic franchise. It combines the gameplay elements from Namco’s highly acclaimed fighting series Tekken, with the characters from Pokémon. The battles will take place in an arena; Pokken will take on the traditional head to head format. Each player will be allowed to control a number of Pokémon and will have to decide which character is most suited to his opponent’s game style.

The emphasis in this fighter will be action, players will not have to know as much about Pokémon as you would expect however it does help to know your characters as Pokken will feature special features from the Pokémon series such as Mega Evolution and Resonance Gauge. It was also leaked recently, that Garchomp will be a Power category Pokémon and that it will use moves like Sand Tomb and Dragon Rush.

The game currently features 16 playable Pokémon, with special characters planned to be integrated over the upcoming year. Players can expect to see many of their favourite characters included, such as Pikacho, Blazikena, Braixenb, Chandelurea, Charizard, Weavel and Mewtwo to name but a few.


The game was originally designed to be played on arcade joysticks however, a new console controller has been developed to release with the game to allow the more casual players to compete on more of an even keel to the arcade players.

Who is your favourite character and who has the best finishing move?

This furious fighter was launched on arcade machines last year and is set for to release on Wii U this month, March 18. The tounrament is set to kick off in just a months time.

Source: IGN


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