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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for 'The Walking Dead' comic and TV series. Do not read on unless you have seen Episode 13, 'The Same Boat'

If you'd have told me back in Season 2 that we'd eventually see an episode of [The Walking Dead](tag:201193) comprising of just Carol and Maggie kicking ass and taking names I probably would have laughed and rolled my eyes. However that's exactly what we did see this week in episode 13 'The Same Boat' and it was totally awesome.

After being taken by a group at the end of episode 12, we were treated to an absolute performance of a lifetime by Carol in 'The Same Boat,' not to mention some pretty damn impressive acts by Maggie. Ultimately though, we shouldn't have even worried about the two ladies, because by the time Rick and the gang finally showed up Maggie and Carol had already taken care of business.

Episode 13 may have only focussed on a few characters, but that doesn't mean there wasn't a whole lot happening. So buckle up and check out the five things you might have missed in The Walking Dead Episode 13, 'The Same Boat.'

1. Carol led the team to her

Carol leaving tracks for Daryl to find
Carol leaving tracks for Daryl to find

I have to admit that even I almost found myself believing Carol's act. However, people paying close attention would have noticed Carol doing something very deliberate with her feet from the moment the pair were lead away – leaving tracks for Daryl to find them.

Daryl and Carol reunited
Daryl and Carol reunited

Daryl's prowess as a tracker was proven once more when Daryl told Carol "we got your trail" as soon as the group entered the Savior's safe house. It was a genius move from Carol, and although she and Maggie had already taken care of the threat by the time the rest of the gang showed up, it still served to show what a quick thinker she is.

2. A well known line from the comics was uttered

Rick and a Savior discuss Negan in issue 97
Rick and a Savior discuss Negan in issue 97

We may have had confirmation that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is our Negan, but that hasn't stopped the show from trying to confuse us at every turn with character after character claiming to be the villain – including Primo at the end of the episode.

However, it was earlier on in the episode that the character Molly actually uttered a line that was straight out of the comic series when she told an inquisitive Carol "we are all Negan."

Molly tells Carol "We're all Negan"
Molly tells Carol "We're all Negan"

This line originally showed up in issue 97 of the comic series by one of the men in the group who stop Rick and co. on their way back from Hilltop colony. The line is pretty iconic as it shows just how far the Saviors will go to protect Negan – even claiming to be him to keep his real identity a secret for as long as possible. At this point, from the perspective of Rick's group, it seems uncertain if Negan is really one singular person, or if he's just some sort of invented bogeyman.

3. The show is on pace for an issue 100 season finale

A few weeks ago it was clear that episode 11 of the series was following the plot from issue 95 and 96 of the comic series pretty closely. And this week the reference to the "we are all Negan" line seems to indicate that the show roughly followed issue 97.

Obviously episode 13 was a pretty huge departure from the source material, but I think it's safe to assume that the show is on track to cover the material of issues 98 and 99 over the next couple of episodes, before the events of issue 100 in the season finale.

Dwight and co in issue 98
Dwight and co in issue 98

So what does that mean? Well, in issue 98 there's another run-in with the Saviors that results in Abraham's death, and Eugene being held hostage outside the gate of Alexandria sparks a shoot out. Then in issue 99, Maggie and Glenn decide they want to move to Hilltop Colony for a safer future for their baby. Rick, Carl, Michonne, Heath, Glenn, Maggie and Sophia (who is still alive in the comics) all depart for Hilltop and the issue ends with the group being tailed by Saviors who plan on attacking them.

While I doubt the show will follow this comic storylines exactly, it could mean that there's a death or two in the near future. Abraham's future looks the least promising, with his character's storyline lining up pretty closely with his comic book counterparts. However there's also Tara and Heath out on their supply run to consider – could their lives also be in danger?

4. We're slowly being shown how brutal Negan is

Halfway through 'The Same Boat' Michelle reveals that part of her little finger was recently amputated as punishment for stealing gas. As it turns out, she stole the gas to go out searching for her boyfriend (who was blown up by Daryl and co.), but was caught and permanently maimed as a result.

While this scene was short, it certainly served to show us viewers that the person in charge of this group is absolutely ruthless. And if this is what they do as punishment for stealing gas to look for a missing partner, imagine what they'll do when they catch the people responsible for slaughtering half of their men as they sleep? Ouch.

5. There was a cool little nod to Negan's actual base

The compound that we saw Rick and the gang take over may have just been one of Negan's outposts, but at the factory where Maggie and Carol were held there was certainly a cool little nod to his real base.

While Maggie and Carol are trying to escape they come across a number of incapacitated walkers spread out along the hallway. Carol remarks "they're using them to keep us in and keep the others out." While this was a pretty cool use for walkers, it was also a great reference to Negan's real compound, which has a similar set up.

Negan's huge factory as seen in the comics
Negan's huge factory as seen in the comics

In the comic series, Negan and many of his Saviors live in a huge fortified factory. The entrance to the factory is heavily protected with barriers of cars, bollards and incapacitated walkers all around the perimeter. There's only one entrance into the base, and it's through a very small and specific path. Because of this it's perfect for both keeping the Saviors inside, and unwanted visitors outside.

Bonus: even MORE head bashing!

Hot off the heels of episode 12's reference to Lucille, was a moment in episode 13 that had to be a massive piece of foreshadowing: Maggie bashing in Polly's head. After the older woman is bitten by the reanimated corpse of her colleague, Maggie finishes her off by brutally bashing her to death, splattering the camera in blood.

This absolutely has to be a massive teaser to the season finale when Lucille, the barbed wire-covered baseball bat, is slated to have a date with either Glenn or another major character, right?

'The Walking Dead' returns with Episode 14, 'Twice As Far' on Sunday, March 20 on AMC


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