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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Halo 5's Forge masters have been crafting nothing but pure magic over the last couple of months, what with Princess Peach's castle, the pod race from Star Wars Episode One and a Rocket League-esque battle arena making noise around the web. And rightfully so, too!

But this latest map truly is a sight to behold, and you Harry Potter fans are gonna dig it. Well, maybe just a smidge.

User xXHugabearXx has created a fully realized and gorgeous homage to Quidditch in the Xbox One shooter. Using Halo's Grifball as basis, players can zip around the map using jet-packs instead of broomsticks, and attempt to score goals while the opposition attempts to hinder progress with the obligatory energy swords and gravity hammers.

Check it out:

Unfortunately there's no golden snitch available, but that won't stop you from getting involved now, will it? If you liked what you saw, search for xXHugabearXx's profile in Halo 5 and jump in!

(Source: HippoPlaysHalo/YouTube)


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