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That Civil War trailer blew our minds, didn't it, mate? But let's emphasize on Spider Man for a bit, right? While it's great we got a look at him and all, what is he doing there, which team is he on (the trailer clearly say's he's Team Iron Man but whatever) and eventually.....does he change sides?

You're probably like: 'What does that mean, mate' you ask, right? Well, in the Civil War story arc, after a heated argument with Tony Stark resulting in a fist fight, and considering his superhuman strength, he brakes Tony's arm. A talented creator, by the name of Trevor Norkey did a post on this, and i want to examine it a little closer:

And here's some point as to why this might be true

  • Tony is seen with his arm broken
  • He doesn't seem injured in the airport fight
  • Spidey might understand that Tony's the real villain
  • Black Widow looks pissed at Tony

There you have it, but how would he change sides? And most importantly, will he? Or how will Cap convince him?

Let's see, this dream scenario:

After the airport fight, in which at the end of the trailer, Cap looks surrounded by Team Iron Man, he is taken to a facility where he is kept in jail or something, and then Spiderman talks to Stark, about his morality, and why he shouldn't lock Cap up forever because of the Death Of Rodney (which can happen, btw) , Spidey has the argument with Tony, and then results in an argument...with fists. Spidey beats Iron Man, and beats him up, breaking up his arm, even in the armor, considering his superhuman strength, and then escapes from Stark, and has some hunt Spidey down, and that's why Black Widow is angry: That he would bring down two of his friends, Cap and Spidey.

Then, Spidey is found in his home, in the Spidey suit, and breathing heavily, then Aunt May comes in, and then Peter immediately takes off his suit, and covers himself to hide his Spidey suit, then Aunt May uncovers him and sees the Spidey suit, and finds out.

Meanwhile, in the Hydra base, Crossbones is there, and considering the conflict between the Avengers and all, he speaks to Baron Zemo about taking out Cap now, that he is inprisoned and they need to 'take care of him'.

Then, Tony Star releases Cap, but Cap has to answer for his actions, and is in a case in court for the damage (i hope Daredevil's his lawyer) and as he is walking the stairs, together with Tony and Agent 13, we have a montage from the moment that Stark and Cap met till the events of the film, then Cap smiles to Sharon, then a shot is heard, Cap ends up on the floor, with blood everywhere, The guards quickly get in military position and shit, trying to find the man who shot him, then as he lays in the arms of Sharon Carter, he looks over at Tony, and in my mind, says something sad which makes the Marvel fan watching the film even more shocked and depressed than he already is.



Now, i bet after that trailer, you can't keep calm, but that's what i think could happen at the end of Civil War, and with Spidey.

Do you think Spidey's switching sides? Do you believe Cap's biting the bullet this time?


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