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If you've spent the last half year swamped beneath a bloody huge bear, you may or may not know that Leonardo DiCaprio recently won an Oscar for eating raw byson and frolicking around in the wilderness for a bit. It was all for a film called The Revenant - which is ace, obviously - and caused Leo to make this face:

Which is clearly brimming with ecstasy on the inside, although his exterior is smooth, cool and collected.

Probably because he's spent much of his life slaying looks of triumph, tbf. Just cast your eyes over these beauties:


via Pinterest
via Pinterest

2. "Don't look at me"

3. Zen AF

4. My sweet butterfly

5. "Miaow"

6. Morning, Sailor

7. Minx

8. So dapper

9. So weird

10. So YAY

11. Howdy, Cowboy

12. Hanging with Michelle

13. "Nice weather we're having"

14. Tartan prince

Do you have a favorite picture of Leonardo DiCaprio?


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