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Most of us still have our brains melting from the fact that Marvel (and Sony) have revealed their version of Spider-Man that is set to debut in Marvel's Cinematic Universe. To be honest, a part of me still can't comprehend it, I'm seeing, but still working on believing! However, it is indeed happening, and the way Spider-Man was introduced was appropriate as far as his character is concerned: a quip, and snatching Captain America's Shield.

And one couldn't think of a more iconic way for Spider-Man's first MCU appearance. The picture of him holding the shield is all over the internet now, on profile pictures, Facebook covers, news name it. So, I thought it a perfect chance to go back and list the characters, that within the MCU continuity, have held Cap's shield over the course of 12 movies, and, well, other productions.

So here is a list of the shield-wielders:

Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier

In a nod to Bucky's brief run as Captain America in the comics, MCU Bucky has held the shield not once, but several times. The first time was back in the forties during a mission carried out by The Howling Commandos against Hydra. Bucky was on a train backing his buddy Steve up when he briefly held the shield for protection...

Then he got knocked the hell out because, you know, not enough training for holding the thing.

The second time(s) was/were while Bucky was serving as the brainwashed assassin The Winter Soldier. He also managed to hold the shield for a brief moment during the bridge fight with Steve (who apparently keeps dropping the thing. Get your $#!t together, Steve!) and then gave it one hell of a throw. Not to forget that he also casually and awesomely caught the thing during the rooftop chase with, you guessed it, Steve Rogers.

Howard Stark

The man who gave the shield to Cap in the first place. No, we don't really see Howard carrying the shield, but I say he deserves a place on this list for being the creator and owner at one point. Howard was reluctant at first to hand Steve Rogers the round Vibranium shield for protection, reasoning that it was all what they had of the expensive metal. (Worth noting that in the comics, the decision to make Cap's shield round was because of copyright issues, and thank God they went for it.) Nevertheless, in the scene, Steve just took the thing because he obviously liked it. Although one specific lady wasn't so keen...

Peggy Carter

*For those who want to stay clear of Agent Carter's first season spoilers, skip this paragraph.*

Probably my favorite moment from Agent Carter's first season. Near the very end of the series, Howard Stark was put in a situation similar to the one Steve Rogers was put in before doing time as a Popsicle, he was about to crash a plane with Peggy on the other side of a com. He then had a hallucination in which Peggy encouraged him and led him to complete the mission in real life, saving the last sample of Captain America's blood. Peggy held the shield during said hallucination.

Phil Coulson

As an easter egg for fans in Iron Man 2, while the then agent Coulson was paying Tony Stark a visit in his lab before heading to New Mexico (to investigate a certain hammer), he briefly held something that looked like a prototype for Captain America's shield or how it was supposed to look like. The presence of this early version of the shield doesn't necessarily make sense, but it was still a cool nod. And if you don't count this as an actual wielding of the shield, then you bet your life Coulson had plenty of time cosplaying as Cap while modifying the costume he gave Cap in The Avengers. After all, Coulson is the ultimate Cap fanboy.

Clint Barton, Hawkeye

Clint got to give the shield a throw during Ultron's first awakening in Avengers Tower in Avengers: Age of Ultron. He didn't really use it for himself, but he threw it to Steve who smashed an Ultron with it, producing a very cool shot!

Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow

Again in Age of Ultron, Natasha had plenty of time with the shield. Most of her famous motorcycle scene had her using it for guard while speeding through the streets of North Korea.

And during the final battle, while Natasha was beating up Ultrons with her electrified sticks, Cap threw the shield to her to attack with it, and she made the most of it to say the least.


Age of Ultron obviously had the most teamwork between The Avengers, so Thor wasn't going to be left out without using the shield himself. He didn't exactly carry the thing, but he used it for offense twice: one time as a destructive sound wave generator, and the other as a baseball.

Tony S...

I would include this as Tony's only time to use the shield, but he probably doesn't want any part of it.


Spidey will probably have six Avengers dashing at him after this move, but let's just enjoy "Underoos" doing a superhero landing a couple of hundred times more...

So those were the characters that held Captain America's shield in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Who else do you want to see wield the shield? Did I forget anyone? If you caught something I dropped, then please comment it below, or maybe tweet it at me @M_Hosni22.


Who do you think was the coolest to use Cap's shield?


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