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Say it three times and he will appear! This month marks 28 years since Michael Keaton donned that iconic striped suit and won over millions as the unwanted houseguest, Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice). That's right, Beetlejuice 2 is officially coming. Original director Tim Burton himself has confirmed that the long awaited project is now in full development. Expect stars like Winona Ryder and the titular Michael Keaton to also return.

Burton told Showbizspy:

The film is a go and has been approved by the Warner Bros. team, we have talked with the cast members we wanted for the film and they are all on board, this includes both Winona and Michael. We have the script in hand everything is in place all we need to do now is get ready to start filming.

Presumably lost in development hell, the long mooted sequel, Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian, had been rumoured since the first film. In 2012 a sequel was 'moving forward' according to screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith, but it has been pretty quiet in the graveyard since then.

The plot would follow the Deetz family moving to Hawaii, where Charles Deetz plans to build a new resort on top of an ancient burial ground. Disturbing some spirits, Beetlejuice becomes the anti-hero by winning a surfing competition with magic (crazy hey?). Everyone was on board, but Burton and Keaton were eventually distracted by Batman Returns. Whether or not the sequel will follow this plan is unknown, or if it will even keep the Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian title.

The first film was a commercial and critical success, raking in $73.7 million on a $15 million budget and wiping the floor for awards. Beetlejuice won the Academy Award for Best Makeup and three Saturn Awards for 'Best Horror Film', 'Best Makeup', and 'Best Supporting Actress' for Sylvia Sidney - her final award before her death in 1999. It also spawned an animated T.V. series and its own ride at Universal Studios. Winona Ryder is often cited as saying that Lydia Deetz is one of her favourite roles, and a huge part of her life.

It is unconfirmed if other co-stars like Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis and Catherine O'Hara are returning, but with Ryder AND Keaton on board, who really cares? Grab a suitcase and your surfboard, could Beetlejuice be going to Hawaii?

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