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According to The Sun, Happy Valley is set to return for a third series.

The popular BBC One police drama starring Sarah Lancashire is set for an exciting return, packed with an unexpected plot twist, next year following the huge success of the first two installments, which pulled in a staggering seven million viewers.

Speaking to The Sun , the source explained: "There are lots of exciting plans." This news has yet to be confirmed by the BBC.

Considering the continued success of Happy Valley, we would we stupid not to consider the possibility of another series. Series star Sarah Lancashire has said that she had to be convinced to return for the second series, commenting that she is adamant that she won't be doing a third. "I really wouldn't want to do a third...We set out to tell a story, and this is certainly the end of the story," says Lancashire. However series creator Sally Wainwright has said that if a third series were to happen, she has "always got loads of ideas and it will probably feature more of the same''. Wainwright further went on to say that "it depends on the viewing figures". So what do you think? Should Happy Valley continue? If we remember back to series one - technically the story wrapped up, yet we have been graced with an equally amazing second series. Surely the same thing applies here. I wholly trust Wainwright - if she believes there is more story to tell then I would welcome a third series.

Happy Valley airs it's "explosive" series two finale this Tuesday, 15 March 9PM exclusively on BBC One. The following day, series two will be made available to US viewers on Netflix.

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Should Happy Valley return for a third series?


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