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Which side do you prefer? Captain America's? Or Iron man's? I personally prefer good 'ol Cap's team of ultra secret, top secret, underground, nobody-knows-about Secret Avengers side. However, if you prefer the IRONic side of things, that's perfectly fine. Whichever side you do prefer, I'm sure you're entirely dead after seeing the newest trailer that was released for Civil War (aka Captain America 3). I'm also sure that if you're a Tony supporter, you probably had a seizure when You-Know-Who showed up. I certainly did. Then I resurrected myself to rewatch the trailer, after which I died again (my second funeral is this Sunday. I just got back from the first one). So, in true geekly fashion, here is a side-by-side view of the latest Civil War trailer:

1. Snowy Landscape, Winter Soldier, and a Secret Facility

The very first image is a snowy landscape. At first, I thought it was a throwback to the first Captain America film, but then this door is shown. The Winter Soldier is then shown being taken out of a cryogenic stasis chamber. There are wires and chords attached to his chest, and he is wearing his full mask, mouth and eyes. This suggests it is a flashback.

Especially because of the fact that the guards appear to be Russian. Winter Soldier is known for using Soviet grade weaponry, which originated from Russia. You can tell they're Russian because of the lettering on their arms.

2. Cap's Testimony

This job... You try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes, that doesn't mean everybody, but you don't give up.

During the beginning of the trailer, Captain America is heard speaking in the back. The way he's speaking, I find, to be that of a testimony or speech as if he's in a trial (speaking in front of others). This seems to be an allusion to the threatening event that will occur at the beginning of the film, which causes the Superhuman Registration Act to come into play, ultimately leading leading towards Cap's and Iron Man's head to head and, presumably, deaths and betrayals.

3. General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross Returns

And with himself he brings footage of other casualty-filled events involving the Avengers. This seems to suggest that Ross is acting as a representative for whatever government faction is proposing the SRA. However, his words fall on deaf ears.

Cap: Okay, that's enough.
Ross: Captain, people are afraid.

After, it shows a building being blown up. The building itself, and what appear to be delegates of a sort inside it, may be the event that has triggered so much dissension between Captain America and Iron Man.

4. Iron Man Is Brought In

Everyone loves Iron Man. He's popular, he's saved New York, and everyone knows his secret identity. One of the main clauses of the SRA is that superhumans will have to reveal their identities. Iron Man has already done this, which makes him the perfect face for this organization because now the SRA will get more traction and popularity.

Stark: That's why I'm here. We need to be put in check. Whatever form that takes, I'm game.
Cap: I'm sorry, Tony. If I see a situation pointed South, I can't ignore it. Sometimes, I wish I could.
Stark: Sometimes, I want to punch you in your perfect teeth.

Stark appreciates order. The SRA represents that order in the form of official training. Captain America sees it as allowing the government to enlist its own personal soldiers.

You can see here, that Tony and Steve's friendship is beginning to strain. I believe that another incident will occur, later in the film, which will divide them into factions. Such possibilities could include: a death of a friend, release of private information, or something like completely turning their backs on one another publicly.

5. Tony Has An Underwater Bunker/Prison

Immediately following Tony's appearance, we are greeted with this image. It appears to be a facility of sorts, possibly created by Iron Man. Its purpose?

It's a prison. No doubt, Tony (or whoever is in charge of Tony) has decided to move someone(s) there. Most likely Cap and his team. Yes, I believe this facility to be a precursor to what will become 'The Raft', a superhuman detention center focusing on the imprisonment, capture, and sometimes rehabilitation of supervillains.

Tony also has a black eye, he is seen with it again later in the trailer, but this suggests that the possible 'Raft' won't be brought into the light until later in the film.

6. Winter Soldier Is On The Run

He's not alone. As you can see, Black Panther is about to take down his motorcycle. Sorry, Bucky. Captain America is also shown to be in pursuit, no doubt to help his friend, but Black Panther is faster. It also shows Winter Soldier fighting Tony Stark. Firstly, Stark is dressed up. Secondly, there is rumor that the "Delegate Explosion" is somehow Bucky's fault, so Tony might have been there, for whatever reason (SRA?), at this delegation and happened to see him. The two begin fighting, and Tony utilizes a new Iron Man Glove/Repulser from his watch.

Winter Soldier attempts to shoot Tony at close range, but Tony blocks the bullet with the aforementioned gauntlet.

And creates what will, no doubt, become another meme worthy face. Ironically, Captain America was also talking about hands at the same time.

Cap: I know we're not perfect, but the safest hands are still our own.

7. Winter Soldier Appears To Be The One To Take Out Rhodes

Here, he is seen wielding what appears to be one of his old grenade launchers from Captain America 2, but the setting of his location is reminiscent of the original Russian Facility or the possible 'Raft'. The scenario seems to also be the one where he and Cap are fighting Iron Man. This suggests that he uses the weapon against Tony and not Rhodes, as the trailer suggests.

Yes, it appears as if Rhodes will be dying in this movie, but this has not been confirmed. It is also hard to believe he will actually die because his supposed death has been seen twice in both of the Civil War trailers. Also, back to the note of how he's injured, it appears to be a yellow blast that injures him. The shape of the blast and the radius of its blast range suggests it was something small like an arrow from Hawkeye. Or maybe even an accidental repulser fire from Tony himself? Nothing, has been confirmed. Fingers are crossed.

I shall continue this breakdown in Part 2. For now, watch the actual trailer for yourself.


Do you think there's going to be a Winter Soldier themed flashback?

How do you feel about Ross' return?

What's your take on this possible 'Raft'?

Do you think Rhodes WILL die?


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