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What is it about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that makes it so famously and infinitely appealing? It was only last week that I reinstalled Bethesda's masterpiece, downloaded a shit ton of mods, and crashed the hell out of it. Seeing as I'm not really a PC gamer, Skyrim has been the only game that has ever granted me that kind of gaming experience. I love it.

But I'm not feeling that with Bethesda's latest RPG. It's a fantastic game, don't get me wrong. I certainly spent a long time with this shooter and thoroughly enjoyed its gameplay. But I can't see it enjoying the same degree of longevity that Skyrim always will. I had far too many problems with the game for its to enjoy that sort of status. But is that set to change with the arrival of Automatron?

Will The Fallout 4 DLC Releases Grant It The Lasting Appeal Of Skyrim?


Fallout 4 is due to receive its first DLC pack in March. Automatron will allow us to create our own robot companions, and you've no idea how awesome it looks! This is undoubtedly something that will satisfy fans of the Game of the Year winner, however it doesn't seem like the kind of content that is going to warrant years of playing. In saying that, none have yet to experience this DLC pack, but there are inherent problems within Fallout 4 that will perhaps always keep it back from achieving Skyrim-level status.

Fallout 4
Fallout 4

At the moment, Fallout 4 currently holds the lowest Metacritic score - where users are concerned - in Bethesda's history. The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind holds the top position with a rating of 9.0, while Fallout 4 is suffering from a score of 5.4. Let's briefly examine some of the grievances that player's had with this famed RPG:

  • "Gameplay is a straightforward FPS with some role-playing elements, RPG elements are dumbed down significantly even compared to Fallout 3, dialogue is really bad, graphics look fine if you look at something from far away, but once you get close, Creation Engine really 'shines' with its horrible textures. Audio is pretty good, but animations are terrible. Story is really bad, especially the ending (which is binary, by the way)."
  • "This game is more of an Action FPS rather than an RPG! The dialog has been dumbed down to a terrible dialog wheel, and your character has a pre selected background that you CANNOT change. The only thing I can say about this game is that it has the best gun play out of all the fallout games, but that's really about it."
  • "Fallout 4 has unfortunately failed. It has become a shooter instead of RPG, but even in shooter games player never receives best armor and weapon in the first hour of playing. Role play system has also failed, special is not special anymore if you know what I mean. Smart, ironic, funny dialogs that made previous Fallout games unique turned into stupid and simple phrases, it seems that Bethesda finds users not smart enough to understand more than 2 words on the screen. I've finished the game and I have no wish to play it anymore."

The above are just a taste of the nearly 3,000 negative reviews Fallout 4 currently has on that website alone. Will this enjoy the same degree of longevity of Skyrim? It seems unlikely.

Fallout 4
Fallout 4

However, we have hope that Fallout 4's DLC packs can contribute worthwhile content that could make returning to the game, even for just a few short hours, worth the effort. It may not be the most perfect RPG we've ever seen, but Bethesda have promised some great content in these DLC packs and their word has been one to trust for years. How do you feel about Fallout 4? Let us know in the comments!


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