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If you loved this show during its short run of two seasons, I'm sure that you've read about Netflix's idea to possibly fund a third season themselves. I'm sure that Cartoon Network had its reasons for replacing this show with Teen Titans Go! (however dumb those reasons may be) but fans, including myself, have clamored for the return of this series.

I just finished watching the two seasons on Netflix for the second time through, and I personally can't wait to see if the third season is really going to happen. The biggest thought on my mind though is who should be new characters if the series is renewed? These are three characters that could not only be cool to have in the show, but would also add a great dynamic to the team.

1. Supergirl

Photo from Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010)
Photo from Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (2010)

With CBS' recent success with their new series about the title character, Supergirl is now becoming popular with the live action crowd again as well as the animated one. Though she's been represented a few times before in live action, this series is giving her much more popularity as a character, portrayed by Melissa Benoist.

I believe that she'd be a great addition to Young Justice because, not only is she another super-powered juggernaut to add for muscle on the team, but she'd also cause a lot of dramatic tension for Superboy.

When Superboy was first discovered by the team and brought back to Mount Justice, Superman did his best to stay away from him. As Superboy is a clone, created by combining Superman and Lex Luthor's DNA together, Superman didn't ever feel comfortable around him, not at first at least.

Supergirl is a reminder to Superboy that he's not Superman, and that he'll never have the power of the Man of Steel. Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) is another true Kryptonian, with powers to rival that of her cousin, Superman. Some would say that she's actually more powerful. This could at least provide dramatic filler content for a few episodes while they butt heads.

2. Jason Todd/Red Hood

In the second season of Young Justice, we're not only introduced to Dick Grayson post-Robin, but we find that Tim Drake is the new Robin on the team. With Dick being the first, and Tim being the third, that means that the second Robin, Jason Todd, could already exist in the animated universe.

After the events of the 1988 Death in the Family comics, Jason's Robin was brutally murdered, but then he was brought back to life in the 2005 story, Under the Hood. Unfortunately, he made a comeback as the Red Hood. Jason's demons that he wrestles with on a daily basis created an anti-hero in him. He may have fought with good intentions, such as putting a stop to gun-running and crime bosses, but he wasn't afraid to kill people.

Jason Todd would be a fantastic addition to the series, not as a hero at first, but as a villain. It just wouldn't be convincing to me if he started out as one of the good guys. His reckless disregard for human lives would provide a dynamic in which the team may have to stop his killing spree and bring him into the light of the team. He doesn't necessarily have to join, and I certainly wouldn't expect it, but he would be really cool to have in the show.

3. Cyborg

Victor Stone has been too long from this series. Between his time as a Teen Titan, and more recently as a founding member of the New 52 Justice League, Cyborg more than deserves a spot in this show. Personally, I'd prefer that they start over with him, back when he was still just Vic Stone. They could show his origins again, maybe even have him merge with some of the Reach technology left on Earth, or with Darkseid's Apokoliptan tech that would be picked up in the future of the series.

Cyborg's affinity for technological mastery and manipulation would make him a bit of a combination between Young Justice's Blue Beetle and Nightwing, making him more than a human, but not quite one of the super-powered ones either. He would be a great addition to the show because I feel like he's already earned the spot, with his membership on multiple teams.

Let's bring Young Justice back! Supposedly binge-watching the first two seasons on Netflix is going to convince them or at least help, and I'm sure we don't need an excuse to watch an awesome DC Comics animated series! Who do you think should be in a new season?

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